How to Activate and Link TRVL GO App on Smart Streaming Devices – Updated

The Travel Channel (Trvl Channel) is a popular American pay television channel dedicated to travel, adventure, and lifestyle programming. It features a variety of shows that showcase destinations around the world, travel tips, cultural experiences, and unique adventures. The content often includes travel documentaries, reality shows, and travel-related series.

With the advancement of technology, you can download the Travel Channel GO app on your streaming device or Smart TV and enjoy your favorite Travel Channel shows and shows from other Discovery family networks, including TLC, ID, Discovery, and Science Channel.

To watch Travel Channel on your smart streaming devices such as Roku, FireStick, Apple TV, or Android TV, install the TRVL GO app and link your device at using participating pay-TV provider credentials.

Once logged in, you can browse through the app’s library of shows and watch full episodes on demand. The app also features a variety of features to make it easy for you to find and watch your favorite shows, including:

  • Personalized recommendations: The app recommends shows based on your viewing history and interests.
  • My List: You can add shows to their My List to watch later.
  • Continue Watching: The app keeps track of where you left off in an episode, so you can easily pick up where you left off.
  • Live TV: You can watch live TV from the Travel Channel and other Discovery family networks.

Guide to Activate Travel Channel on Roku, Apple TV, FireStick, Smart TV

This article will explain how you can activate Travel Channel on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and other streaming devices using your cable TV provider subscription. Also, know how to watch Travel Channel without cable TV using streaming services like Sling TV, DirecTV Now, Playstation Vue, etc.

To activate the Travel Channel app on your TV, you’ll typically need to meet the following prerequisites:

  • A compatible device: You will need a smart TV or streaming device (such as Roku or Amazon Fire TV) to access the Travel Channel app.
  • High-speed internet: You’ll need a stable and reliable internet connection to stream Travel Channel content on your TV.
  • A valid subscription: You must subscribe to a cable or satellite TV provider that carries the Travel Channel or have a subscription to a streaming service that offers the channel as part of its lineup.
  • Another device: Ensure you have a second device connected to the internet to visit the activation website – Roku

Follow the steps below to activate the Travel Channel GO app on Roku –

  • First, turn on your TV & Roku streaming device.
  • Click the Home button on your Roku remote.
  • Now, Select the Roku channel store on your TV screen.
  • Search for the Travel Channel app and click the Add Channel button to install the app.
  • Now, launch the Travel channel app to generate a 7-digit activation code on your TV screen.
  • Once you have the code, visit on your computer or smartphone.
  • Enter the activation code from your TV and press Link TV Provider.
  • Select your TV Provider from the list and sign in with its credentials to complete the activation process.

Roku Channel Store

One of the oldest competitors in the streaming device industry, Roku sets the bar for unbeatable performance. In addition, Roku has its very own channel store known as the Roku Channel Store, where you can add and stream channels like Travel Channel, Bally Sports, Tubi TV, etc.

How to Activate Travel Channel on FireStick

Here are the steps to activate the TRVL GO app on your FireStick device –

  • Switch on your Amazon Fire TV and navigate to the home screen by pressing the Home button (home icon) on your Fire TV remote.
  • Now go to the App Store and search for the Travel Channel app. (If manual browsing doesn’t help you locate the app, try using the Search option.)
  • From the search result, select the Travel Channel app.
  • Once on the app’s preview page, click Get to install the app on FireStick.
  • After installation, launch the app.
  • Follow the prompts on your TV screen to get an activation code.
  • Launch a web browser on your computer, phone, or tablet and navigate to
  • Enter the activation code in the prompted field and click the Link TV Provider button.
  • Sign in using your cable provider username and password.

You can now watch your favorite Travel Channel shows on your Amazon Fire TV. Activate on Apple TV

You can activate the Trvl Channel on Apple TV to experience the most demanding entertainment shows like The Dead Files, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, Mysteries at the Museum, etc.

  • Go to the App Store on your Apple TV.
  • Find the Travel Channel app using the search option.
  • Click GET to install the application on your Apple TV.
  • After installation, open the application.
  • You will see an activation code on your TV screen.
  • Now, open on your computer or smartphone.
  • Enter the activation code shown on your TV and tap Link TV Provider.
  • Then, select your TV provider and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the activation process. 

You can now access the Travel Channel on your Apple TV anytime.

Activate on Smart TV at

Travel Channel is available on almost every Smart TV available in the market. In addition, all Smart TV brands have a dedicated application store from where you can download an application. For example, if you are using an LG Smart TV, you can download the application from the web OS platform. Likewise, Samsung TV users can download the app from the Samsung App Store.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to install & activate Travel Channel on your Smart or Android TV –

  • Go to the respective application store on your Smart TV/ Android TV.
  • Find the Travel Channel using the search options.
  • Select the Install | Add | Download option to install the Travel Channel application on your TV.
  • Once the application gets installed on your Smart TV, launch the app.
  • Copy the activation code that appears on your TV screen.
  • Open a web browser on another device and navigate to
  • Enter the activation code to link your TV provider.
  • Choose your TV service provider from the given options & sign in.

The Travel Channel app is now active on your Smart TV.

How can I Watch Travel Channel Without Cable?

You can also watch Travel Channel without a cable connection on your TV by subscribing to streaming services such as Sling TV, FuboTV, DirecTV, etc.

Here are the most suitable ways to watch Travel Channel without cable on your TV.

#1 DirecTV Now

The service of DirecTV Now is owned by AT&T, which facilitates several channel packages at an affordable rate. For example, you can watch Travel Channel without any buffers and laggingAll you need to do is install DirecTV Now on your streaming device and watch Travel Channel shows without any cable subscription.

#2 Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the best streaming services that brings many channels on Apple, Amazon, Roku, and Android. The Sling TV allows you to stream Travel Channel without a TV provider.

#3 PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is another ideal option to watch Travel Channel on your streaming device. You can enjoy unlimited fun and experience of the Travel channel on this streaming television service without a TV provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of downloading the Travel Channel app?

There is no cost to downloading the Travel Channel app on your streaming device.

Can I access the Travel channel outside the U.S.?

No. Presently, the Travel channel content is available only in the U.S.

The Travel Channel app quits unexpectedly. What can I do?

Just uninstall the application and reinstall the app. If the problem persists, get in touch with the official customer support team.

For how many days do the episodes remain on the Travel channel?

28 days before the expiry of any episode, the expiration date is added to the respective episode.

Is closed captioning available on the Travel channel?

Yes. Closed captioning is available on both Live and on-demand episodes.

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