How to Activate Your New Sprint SIM or Device at

Sprint, or T-Mobile, is the fourth-largest wireless mobile network carrier in the United States. This telecom company is known for its affordable unlimited data plans and its focus on innovation. Moreover, Sprint also offers messaging, wireless voice, and broadband services through various subsidiaries.

Sprint offers a variety of plans with phones & devices, including Cell Phones, 5G phones, Tablets, Smartwatches, IoT, etc. Although Sprint allows you to use T-Mobile service on your phone, regardless of whether you bought it from Sprint or other stores, you must activate it at

If you are a former Sprint customer and have migrated to T-Mobile, you can activate your new Sprint SIM or device on the T-Mobile network. activate
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To activate Sprint on your smart devices, follow the instructions below.

Activate Your Sprint Device, T-Mobile SIM, or eSIM

The process to activate Sprint on your phone at may vary depending on the type of purchase. So, make sure to follow the below-mentioned steps accordingly.

Before you begin the activation process, ensure you have a Sprint account. You can use the below steps to create a new Sprint account if you don’t have one.

Steps to Create a Sprint Account

  • Open the Sprint Sign-Up page on your phone/PC browser.
  • Enter your first name, last name, phone number, email, & password, and click Create T-Mobile ID.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the sign-up process on the next screen.
  • Your Sprint account will be created.

Now, as you have created an online account with Sprint, you can begin activating your device at

Things to Consider When Activating a Sprint Device

  • Your device must be compatible with the Sprint network if bought from outside.
  • Check your device’s compatibility by entering its IMEI here. You can find your IMEI by dialing *#06#.
  • You must have a Sprint SIM card and a mobile plan.
  • Sprint account credentials.
  • Your device must have a sufficient battery to carry out the activation process.
  • Keep the information provided in the phone box handy.
  • If you are changing your phone, take a backup of your important data and transfer it to a new phone or PC. For taking the backup, visit

Activate a Replacement Phone at

  • Go to the Sprint activation page on a web browser of your computer or phone.
  • Depending on your requirements, consider the below-mentioned steps carefully:
already started bringing your device to Sprint
  • If you have already started bringing your device to Sprint, go to this box (above image) on your screen and click the Finish Activation button.
  • Enter your Order confirmation number and Zip code (where you are activating the SIM) in the respective fields and click Continue.
  • Follow the instructions and log into your account (if prompted).
activate recently upgraded device
  • If you recently upgraded your device, navigate to this section (above image) and click the Activate Now button on your screen.
  • Enter your Username and Password on the subsequent screen and tap the Submit button.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to activate your sprint device.
Bring Your Own Device
  • If you haven’t started the Bring Your Own Device process, go to the section (above image) and click the Get Started button.
  • Enter the IMEI or MEID of your device and click the Continue button.
  • You can then continue with the instructions prompted on the following screen.
  • Sign in to your account when prompted to do so. activate
  • To activate your new Sprint/T-Mobile SIM Card, visit this section (above image) on your screen and tap the Activate Now button.
  • Sign in to your Sprint account using the Username and Password on the next page.

After Signing in to Your Sprint Account

  • After signing into your Sprint account, you will be directed to your Sprint Account page.
  • Select Activate a new phone from the Manage this Device drop-down menu.
  • Now, select from any of these two options:
    • Use the SIM card that came with my device.
    • Use a new SIM
  • To activate the SIM you received with your device, select the first option – Use the SIM card that came with my device, and enter the required details accordingly.
  • However, if you have bought only a new SIM, select the second option – Use a new SIM and then enter the following information in the relevant fields:
    • Enter your new phone’s serial number
    • Enter your SIM card serial number (ICCID)
    • Confirm your SIM card serial number (ICCID) 

NOTES: You can find the above information in your phone’s box or manual. Also, you may be prompted to select the new phone if you purchased it from Sprint but did not activate it in-store.

  • If you wish to activate a different phone than the one appearing on your screen, select the Enter new device link in the New device to activate section. Then, enter the IMEI or MEID printed on your phone’s box or manual and complete the instructions prompted.
  • Depending on your phone and SIM card type, you may or may not be prompted to provide ICCID.
  • Click the Check Code button when you provide the required information and complete the rest of the on-screen prompts.
  • Sprint will then notify you that your phone is now active.

How to Activate a New Sprint Phone

If you wish to activate a new phone with Sprint service, below are the instructions that you will need to follow:

  • Firstly, find the serial number of your phone. You can find it in the packaging box or manual.
  • However, if you bought it from a Sprint dealer, you can find the serial number on the receipt.
  • Next, retrieve your IMEI or MEID number.
  • Then, call Sprint customer service at (888) 211 4727.
  • Follow the on-call prompts to connect to a service representative.
  • Request the representative to activate your phone and provide the required information such as your name, PIN, Social Security Number, Serial Number, IMEI, ICCID, etc.

Once the representative notifies you that your phone has been activated, you can start using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to activate a Sprint phone?

Yes, to use the various Sprint services on your phone, you must activate your device at In case you do not activate your phone, you may not have access to certain features offered by Sprint.

Can I unlock my Sprint phone when it’s not activated?

Although you may root/jailbreak your phone, it is not recommended as it will void your warranty.

What if I bring my own device and choose a Sprint Prepaid plan?

Unfortunately, you can only choose postpaid plans if you bring your own device.

How can I add or remove services or features?

– Launch the Sprint app and select the Account option.
– Select the picture or the phone.
– Next, tap the Plan details tab located at the top.
– Then, select the Manage data & Add-ons situated at the bottom.
– After that, select the desired plan or service and tap Continue.
– Review the information and tap the Agree & Submit option.

How to contact Sprint customer service?

For Personal: 1-800-T-MOBILE
For Business: 1 855 757 2118
For Technical Issues: 1 800 937 8997
International Callers: 1 505 998 3793

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