How to Clear Cache on Roku?

Just like any gadgets, your Roku might encounter certain streaming issues. One of the primary reasons you often run into various streaming troubles is because of your Roku cache. Learning the steps to clear the cache will help you get rid of the streaming issues. Read the guide to know how to clear the cache on Roku.

Generally, Roku never showcases any hardware defects. And talking about these troubles – glitch video playbacks, slowdowns, and interface abnormalities – all these are caused by software that powers the whole Roku experiences. All you require to do is factory resetting your player and then spend the next hour getting it up and running all over again. The process would involve adding your favorite app (channels) again. Well, they do demand signing in with proper credentials.

Effective and Simple Workaround to Clear Cache on Roku

We have got a fairly simple workaround for you. Keep in mind that your device doesn’t have its official instructions on how to clear the cache on Roku. Take a plunge and understand the process to clear cache and get your device functioning properly once again.

Take a look here to understand the cache clearing process when your Roku device malfunctions –

  • Access the Roku Home Screen: Begin the process by turning on your Roku device and go to the Home screen with the help remote.
  • Select the Troublesome App: The next step requires you to choose the offending app. Scroll over to the app with the help of the Roku remote.
  • Get Rid of the App or Channel: After selecting the channel, you need to press the asterisk button on your remote to get a variety of options. You will see the “Remove channel” option. Tap it and confirm your selection. The offending app or channel will be removed from the channel list or home screen. After removing, consider restarting your device.
  • Switch Roku on Again: To restart your device, go to “Settings”, select “System”. Then, select System restart. Don’t want to go through all this? Pull the plug and you will be done. This restart method shouldn’t be followed all the time.
  • Re-add the App: Follow the steps – how to add a channel on Roku – to re-add the app that you just removed by clicking the “+Add channel” button.
  • Use Credentials to Sign in: Again, the app would require you to sign in to access all the content.

If you still find the issues, you need to factory reset your Roku.

Note: If you happen to restart your device quite often, instead of trying your hands at the above steps, you should note this technique –

  • Home (5x)
  • Rewind (2x)
  • Fast Forward (2x)

This restart code should always work unless the device is frozen or stuck. Only then, you may unplug its power cord.

What to Do When You Can’t Clear Cache on Roku?

Just like any device that stores some of your important or specific data from the memory to its storage space. This data is called “cache”, which retrieves frequently used data so easily – instead of requesting it every time you need it. The cache saves a lot of time, hence more efficient. So, what happens you can’t clear the cache on your Roku?

We mentioned above that Roku doesn’t provide instructions on clearing caches. The reason is that Roku devices never count on a cache partition. This means, there’s no cache to clear, hence a general misconception. When your Roku media player encounters some errors, you may try the above steps.

Even after trying the methods if you fail to fix the issue and you continue to face video playback errors and glitches, the errors are at your channel’s end. In that case, you should check these steps –

  • Highlight the channel that is troubling you.
  • Press the Star key on your Roku remote to open the menu (options).
  • Choose “Remove channel” to get rid of the channel.
  • Restart Roku and go to the Channel Store to add the deleted channel.
  • Re-adding the channel should fix the issue.

When nothing works, factory resetting your Roku player should be the last resort.

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