15 Best Roku Private Channels to Install and Expand Your Roku Streamer

If you are contemplating buying an Internet TV streaming box, go for a Roku streaming media player. One of the best streaming media players in the US, Roku comes in 7 models and various specifications. The best thing about having a Roku device at home is that you can add numerous free private channels apart from its official Roku Channel Store. Check this space to know the 15 best Roku private channels to install and expand your Roku streamer.

15 Best Roku Private Channels

The official channel store of Roku allows its users to gain access to numerous stored channels. But, do you know that you can add private channels to your own space? These private channels are hidden, hence invisible to the viewers. You may wonder why these channels are private. The possible reasons could be –

  • Some channels are third-party programs.
  • Some are in beta format.
  • Some require membership.

Let’s dive deep and unearth some of the most popular private channels (along with their codes) that you should consider adding them to your Roku streamer.

Wilderness Channel:

Dedicated to the United States of America’s national parks and wilderness areas as well as campers, hunters, hikers, outdoor survivalists, and nature-lovers, Wilderness Channel is one of the most popular private channels. This program is basically dedicated to three categories of viewers – Hunters, Outdoor Survivalists, and Nature Enthusiasts.

  • Channel Type: Nature and outdoor-related content
  • Access Code: FL821095
  • Price: Free of charge
  • Subscription: Not Required

Unofficial Twitch TV:

If you are a gamer, you will love to have Twich Tv on Roku. Twitch is a very popular platform to live-stream your gameplay. Not only will you stay on top of the latest games, but also you can watch others play and sharpen your skills.

  • Channel Type: Related to games (live and on-demand)
  • Access Code: Twitch TV
  • Price: Free of charge
  • Subscription: Not Required

iTunes Podcasts:

Have this channel installed on Roku and get access to free podcasts in the iTunes library. If you don’t have an iTunes account, not an issue! You don’t even need one. All you have to do is to use the search function to find a podcast that you are looking for. Also, you can add any specific podcasts that you stream regularly to your “favorites” list. By doing this, you can save a lot of time that you used to search. Free podcasts can be accessed through this channel. If you want other content (including the paid ones, such as TV shows, music, and movies), you need to have the iTunes app on your mobile or computer.

  • Channel Type: Audio/ Video Podcasts
  • Access Code: ITPC
  • Price: Free of charge
  • Subscription: Not Required

Weather Radar:

Formerly called Weather Graphics, Weather Radar gives you all weather-related news (local and national). Get this useful channel on your Roku and stay updated about the weather forecast.

  • Channel Type: Update on Weather (Local & National)
  • Access Code: RADAR
  • Price: Free
  • Subscription: Not Required

Lode Runner Remake:

As the name suggests, it is a remake of Lode Runner, one of the 1980s video game classics. It was originally published by Broderbund. Lode Runner Remake is a puzzle-oriented game and you need to choose from Championship, Classic, or Professional (three different modes featuring many levels). However, you will need access to an enhanced game remote to play the game.

  • Channel Type: Classic video games
  • Access Code: Lode Runner Preview
  • Price: Free of charge
  • Subscription: Not Required

Redbox Digital Beta:

With Redbox Digital Beta, you get smarter as you watch smart video content. This channel streams the newest TV shows and movies. So, when you have it installed, it will be pretty hard for you to leave your seat on the sofa. You must note that Redbox Digital Beta works on a pay-as-you-go service. That means it is a paid service and all the movies and TV shows can either be purchased or taken on rent.

  • Channel Type: Live stream and on-demand movies, sports videos, TV shows, and adrenaline-packed videos
  • Access Code: RBS Digital
  • Price: Paid (monthly or yearly subscription)
  • Subscription: Required
  1. Crackle: Adding Crackle will get you free videos, web series, and movies.
  • Channel Type: Live streaming TV channel
  • Access Code: Crackle
  • Price: Free
  • Subscription: Not Required

Bloomberg TV+:

Are you a leading business tycoon? Or, at least, want to become one? You should definitely get this installed on your Roku. Bloomberg TV+ is known for rendering business and financial news, hence available on a great range of platforms and devices.

  • Channel Type: Business and financial-related news
  • Access Code: BTVPLUS
  • Price: Free of Charge
  • Subscription: Not Required

Space Time:

If your kid is keen on learning science and space-related content, you should be more serious about adding Space Time to your Roku account. Space Time has videos in the following categories –

  • Astrophysics
  • Featurettes
  • Space Travel
  • Solar System
  • Historical
  • Deep Sky

The content of this channel is supplied by various space agencies around the world. However, you will find majority of its content from NASA

  • Channel Type: Space-related content from space agencies including NASA
  • Access Code: CN6MRTG
  • Price: Free of charge
  • Subscription: Not Required

Neon Party Games:

Another channel dedicated to games! Neon Party Games offers various games including Sumo, Cell, Puck, Geometry, Squared, and Tag.

  • Channel Type: Game Type
  • Access Code: H2CLHP
  • Price: Free and Paid
  • Subscription: Not Required

Roku Movies:

Don’t like ads while watching your favorite movies? Get Roku Movies installed immediately. Unlike the official Roku movie channel, it offers a vast range of fantastic (premium) movies. This ‘Roku Movies’ channel is unofficial.

  • Channel Type: Movies and videos
  • Access Code: ZB34AC
  • Price: Free
  • Subscription: Not Required

Red Bull TV:

Developed by Red Bull TV, this channel takes you beyond the ordinary with outstanding and exclusive videos from trendsetting artists, new music, live events, entertainment, and globetrotting adventures. Download the app on your Roku and get inspiration from topnotch people.

  • Channel Type: Live stream and on-demand sports videos and adrenaline-packed videos
  • Access Code: Red Bull TV
  • Price: Free of Charge
  • Subscription: Not Required

Clikia Live:

Developed by Clikia, Clikia Live is partially free and offer great content to watch. One of the most sought-after private channels on Roku,it offers Channel Packages (Over 100 LIVE streaming channels), Family-Friendly Programming, Commercial Free Radio Service, Video on Demand, TV Shows, Thousands of Movies, and Reality Episodes.

  • Channel Type: Audio and video content
  • Access Code: CLICKIALIVE
  • Price: Free and Paid
  • Subscription: Not Required

Daily Motion:

Apart from a free Roku channel, Daily Motion, a video-sharing technology platform, is the second-largest video streaming website in the world. Install this unofficial channel and access great content by Daily Motion.

  • Channel Type: Video Streaming
  • Access Code: Daily Motion
  • Price: Free
  • Subscription: Not Required


Available on the Roku Public channel store, the Film on. TV channel claims to be the largest free IPTV service in the world. It offers more than 700 free and subscription linear TV channels. 95,000 on-demand titles, 50 audio channels, and audio and video podcasts.

  • Channel Type: Audio, Video, Podcasts, etc.
  • Access Code: NMEVA
  • Price: Free and Premium services
  • Subscription: Not Required

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