Best Christian Channels on Roku That Your Family Would Love

Having a Roku device doesn’t restrict you to stream sports videos and amazing movies that your family can watch together. Roku that pioneered streaming to the TV has come a long way. As a leading streaming platform, it enables advertisers and content providers to reach a massive audience. This has ultimately given birth to many channels that try to reach a wider audience. For instance, Christian Channels are getting famous as they spread love and truth about their faith. In this guide, you will learn about the best Christian Channels on Roku that your family would love to stream.

Notable Christian Channels on Roku That Spread Love, Hope, and Truth

Christian channels are gaining popularity over the years. The primary purpose of these channels is to spread hope and truth. If you wish to inculcate good values and faith in your children, this list of the most notable faith and family channel might fascinate you.

  1. Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN): Launched by Paul and Jan Crouch in 1973, TBN is the world’s largest Christian TV network. Trinity Broadcasting Network is also America’s most-watched faith-and-family channel. TBN is available on Roku. Since its programs are life-changing, it provides a great opportunity for a family that wishes to bond together. It is committed to spreading the love of Jesus to every corner of the world. The channel features programs that are both life-changing and entertaining. Today, TBN has more than 30 networks carrying impactful and innovative content to over 175 nations around the world in several languages.
  2. HisChannel: Whether you want video-on-demand or live-stream, you can activate HisChannel on Roku to stream all that you love. Roku is a fantastic streaming platform to watch the best faith and family episodes with your big family. Some of the popular shows that feature leading ministries and preachers are Don Stewart, Hal Lindsey, Dr. David Jeremiah, Dr. Charles Stanley, John MacArthur, and more. HisChannel also features your favorite movies and documentaries including Jerico Unearthed, Mary of Nazareth, Persecution and The Gospel, Billy Graham Remembered, and Billy Graham Heaven. For people looking for an in-depth discussion of Christian themes, this is the best channel to look for.
  3. Living Scriptures: Families that want to watch clean TV shows together can download and install the Living Scriptures app on their Roku devices. After installing, you need to activate the channel. If it offers you to enter a unique activation code, you may access the authorized page using your laptop or smartphone to enter the code. This Christian channel, i.e. Living Scriptures Streaming, is dedicated to bringing you uplifting family shows that you can watch anywhere, anytime. Living Scriptures aims to strengthen and entertain your entire family with scripture learning. Your Roku device is a perfect platform to stream hundreds of high-quality audio and video stories. What are you waiting for? You can activate the channel and experience the church history and scriptures like never before.
  4. Joel: Another popular Christian channel that you would be interested to add to your Roku channel list is Joel. The channel has many interesting and life-changing stories for you to enjoy.
  5. Bible Screen: Want to stream beautiful Bible art? You need to add this important Christian channel to your Roku streaming platform. Bible Screen has more than 300 animated Bible verses that you can stream on your TV via Roku. Also, you can stream them on your mobile, computer, and other screens to keep scripture front and center at any gathering. Since you have Roku, you must learn the steps to add to Roku. Go to your Roku Channel Store, get the app, launch it to receive a code, activate the code on the official activation page, and you are all set.
  6. The Holy Tales: For families with children, The Holy Tales is a must-have channel. It is an animated narrative of Bible stories aimed at kids. The popular categories that The Holy Tales is proud of include the stories of Moses, Jacob, and God, The Book of Genesis, and The Book of Exodus. Relatively short, the narratives run for 3 to 4 minutes (approximately) and are followed up with a question regarding the moral of the story.
  7. Crossflix: Watch your favorite Christian-based videos and movies by activating the Crossflix family-friendly channel on Roku. The Christian channel is available on Roku and features thousands of Christian films, educational content, and documentaries. You can watch the best Christian movies online through a digital streaming platform.

What are you waiting for? Subscribe to your favorite channel; carry out the activation steps to access the best content on Roku.

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