YouTube Kids on Roku – Getting Smart with Recommended Tips

Roku, one of the leading streaming media platforms in the US, understands how busy and engrossed modern parents are. Hence, it lets parents to allow their kids to explore this amazing streaming tool for endless entertainment opportunities. If you think your little champ is super-talented and only needs a little exposure, bring YouTube Kids to your home. Learn how to activate and watch YouTube Kids on Roku and let your kids explore the amazing media content.

The American children’s video app, YouTube Kids is a popular kid-targeted version of YouTube. The video app features curated, ad-supported TV shows, educational videos, user-created content, music, shows, and more. That’s not all. Your kid can create his/ her profile to watch and learn things by logging in on Roku. If you haven’t yet got YouTube Kids on Roku, this is how you should do it.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting YouTube Kids on Roku

When you are in search of a safe haven for your kids that also provide knowledge-based entertainment content, the YouTube Kids channel should be your go-to app. And why would you watch it on your phone when you can stream the best kid-friendly content on the big TV screen? Let us walk you through the process to watch YouTube Kids on Roku.

Speaking honestly, the YouTube Kids channel is not available on Roku. This doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be able to watch the channel on your streaming device. Using the screen mirroring steps, you can cast the best YouTube Kids content on your Roku.

Screen Mirroring through Android Smartphone: Do you have an Android smartphone? Great! Make sure your Roku device and smartphone have the same Wi-Fi network.

  • On your Android phone, go to the Play Store.
  • Type the YouTube Kids app and download it.
  • Use credentials to log into your YouTube Kids profile if prompted and drag down the tab
  • Click on the Screen Cast
  • Next, select “Enable Wireless Display”.
  • Select your device and connect to it.
  • You are now ready to screen mirror YouTube Kids on Roku through your Android device.

Cast Screen through iPhone: Apple phone users can use the following steps to watch YouTube Kids on Roku.

  • Begin the process by starting your Roku device.
  • All your devices (Roku, iPhone, and TV) should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Use the Home icon on the Roku remote to go to the Home screen.
  • From there, click on the “Settings” option.
  • Select “Apple AirPlay and Homekit” scrolling down the remote.
  • Turn it on and press the button that says “First Time Only” in Require Code.
  • On your iPhone, get the YouTube Kids app from the App Store.
  • Swipe down the Control Center.
  • You can now click “Screen Mirroring”.
  • From the available devices, select “Roku TV”.
  • Note down a unique code that appears on the TV.
  • Enter it on your iPhone (in the given field) to activate the app on Roku.
  • You will be ready to watch YouTube Kids on Roku.

Watch YouTube Kids on Roku using Windows 10 PC:

  • Begin the process by launching a web browser (Google Chrome).
  • Then, visit com.
  • If prompted, log into your Google account.
  • Press “Windows + P” on your keyword and select the menu “Connect to a wireless display”.
  • Select your streaming player and mirror the PC screen.
  • That’s it! You can now start playing the title your little ones love to watch.

About YouTube Kids

As a concerned parent, you are on the constant quest for the best edutainment app. With Google’s YouTube Kids is available on Roku (through screen mirroring or casting), it is surely going to be a wonderful experience for the kids. The best part is that you will have parental control. So, anything inappropriate comes on the screen, you can report it immediately.

YouTube Kids was first launched on 15 February 2015 as an iOS and Android mobile app. Later, it was available on Sony, Samsung, Android, Apple, and LG smart TVs. Today, more than 70 countries have access to the video app.

Roku Launched “Kids & Family”

Understanding the growing popularity of kids’ channels, Roku launched its “Kids & Family” section. It mainly features human-curated movies and TV shows that your tiny little tots will love to watch. You will have access to more than 7,000 movies and TV episodes from franchises including Super Mario Brothers, The Cat in the Hat, Care Bears, etc.

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