Simple Steps to Stream Content from Kodi on Roku – Install Kodi on Roku

Just from the TITLE, you must have had an idea what this blog talks about. This is an ultimate tutorial that guides you through the simple steps to stream content from Kodi on Roku. Whether you have Roku streaming devices 1, 2, 3, 4, or Roku Express, the steps furnished in this tutorial will help you install Kodi on Roku and start streaming amazing content.

Let’s understand what Roku and Kodi are and how to setup Kodi on Roku.

What Is Roku? What Is Kodi?

What Is Roku? What Is Kodi?
A popular digital media streaming device, Roku helps you stream content directly to your TV.


Things that you would require to stream content uninterruptedly are a high-speed internet connection, a TV, and a Roku streaming stick.


Roku, an alternative to Firestick, is available as set-top boxes, Roku Express, and Roku Sticks.

Kodi, a free and open-source media player software application, is available for multiple operating systems and hardware platforms. Kodi allows its users to view most streaming media such as videos from the Internet, podcasts, music, digital media files, videos, and more. A multi-platform home-theater, it is customizable, hence loved by many users. Also, it supports third-party add-ons to watch TV shows and movies for free.

Can You Install Kodi on Roku?

The simple and straight answer is ‘NO’. You cannot setup Kodi on Roku directly since the latter is built on a closed operating system like the Apple TV. Also, it is hard to jailbreak Roku and install Kodi on it.

Well, there are other ways to get Kodi on Roku and start streaming your favorite content. The alternatives are –

  • Screen Casting
  • Screen Mirroring
  • Roku Media Player App to stream content from USB or local network
  • The ‘Play On Roku’ feature lets you watch content on the Roku mobile app.

What Are the Things Required to Use Kodi on Roku?

Make sure Kodi is running on Windows or Android devices. You must have a Roku streaming device that supports screen mirroring. Apart from that you a VPN if you are sure about using Kodi on Roku. Some of the reasons why a VPN is important –

  • Prevents bandwidth throttling
  • Provides price discriminations
  • Deals with speed limitations
  • Helps you stay out of the radar authorities
  • Allows you to unblock Geo-restricted content. This means you can stream any shows and videos from any location.
  • Safeguards your streaming history, online privacy, and personal information
  • Hides your IP address

Install Kodi on Roku and Start Streaming Your Favorite Content

Are you using Roku 3 or more? It becomes easier for you to complete the installation process as these devices come equipped with pre-installed cast functionality.

Method 1 – Get Kodi on Roku via Screen Mirroring: Let’s install Kodi on Roku via screen mirroring.

  • Turn on your Roku and go to the Home screen using the remote.
  • Go to “Settings” and tap on “Enable Screen Mirroring”.
  • Press the OK button and pair your devices (to your PC or smartphone).
  • Go to devices on your PC and select “Project”.
  • Click on “Add a wireless display”.
  • Turn on your Wi-Fi and connect your Roku device once it appears.

That’s it! You will be able to stream Kodi content on your Roku device. If you are connecting via an Android device, you should select “Settings” > “Connections”. Choose “Screen mirroring” and then add the device. Both the devices should be connected to the same high-speed network.

Method 2 – Get Kodi on Roku via Windows PC: Install Kodi on Windows PC and ensure it is running. On your Roku device, connect your PC via an HDMI cable and start streaming Kodi. The steps are mentioned below –

  • Go to Search on your PC.
  • Search for Device Settings.
  • Click on “Add” device (this will add your device).
  • Now, select your Roku on the list.

You only have to make sure that Kodi is installed and running on your Windows PC. So, you don’t have to jailbreak Roku to get Kodi on Roku.

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