UFC on Roku – How to Watch MMA Fight on your Roku TV [Updated]

MMA, or mixed martial arts, often called cage fighting, is one of the most-watched combat sports that have garnered massive followers over the years.

MMA allows fighters to use various fighting skills and techniques to dominate their opponents. Today, MMA is sponsored and promoted by many leading sports brands, including the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

UFC is the largest PPV event provider in the world. In addition, the company organizes various events throughout the year.

UFC on Roku

These events are divided into nine formats – UFC on Fox events, UFC on Fuel TV events, The Ultimate Fighter Finale, UFC on ABC events, Fight Night events, UFC Live events, UFC on ESPN events, UFC on FX events, and Numbered events.

One of the best ways to watch UFC events on the big screen is through a Roku-connected TV. You can watch UFC on Roku through a valid subscription to ESPN+ or UFC Fight Pass.

Below are the steps to watch the most lethal MMA events on your Roku TV.

Watch UFC on Roku through ESPN+

ESPN+ subscribers can easily watch UFA on Roku in the United States by installing the ESPN app. So, if you are currently in the country and want to witness some stunning actions, we have you covered.

  • Turn on the Roku device and access the home screen.
  • From here, you need to select the Streaming Channels option.
  • Under it, click the Search Channels option.
  • Search for the ESPN app and click the Add channel button.
  • After installing the ESPN app on your Roku, you need to open it.
  • Enter your ESPN+ login details. (If you don’t have ESPN+ account details. Create one by clicking the sign-up button.)
  • If you have already purchased the event, you can start the PPV. (You can follow the purchase instructions on your screen.)
  • Follow the prompts to start enjoying UFC on Roku.

Note: These steps will come in handy if you are in the United States.

Outside of the U.S.? Easy Steps to Watch UFC

Traveling abroad? You can still watch UFC on Roku if you are outside the United States with a UFC Fight Pass plan. As per your needs and budget, you may avail of the Monthly Pass or the Annual Pass. The Monthly Pass is available for $9.99, while the Annual Pass can be purchased for $95.99.

Now, it is time to check the steps and get started with UFC.

  • On your Roku TV, go to the home screen.
  • Navigate your way to the Channel Store and look for the UFC app.
  • Select the app from the search results and click the Add channel button to install it.
  • Press the Go to Channel button to launch the UFC app on Roku.
  • Now log in with your UFC Fight Pass account details.

That’s easy! Tune in to watch the UFC PPV.

How to subscribe to UFC Fight Pass?

  • Open the UFC Fight Pass website – welcome.ufcfightpass.com on a phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Tap the SIGN UP TODAY option.
  • Choose your preferred plan (Monthly or Annual).
  • Enter your email address, full name, address, and password in the relevant fields.
  • After entering all the required details, press the CONTINUE button.
  • Finally, enter the payment details to subscribe to UFC Fight Pass.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I watch UFC on Roku?

You can watch UFC on Roku through ESPN+ or UFC Fight Pass. So, make sure you install the ESPN+ or UFC TV app on your Roku device.

Can I stream UFC for free?

If you already subscribe to ESPN+, you don’t have to pay separately to stream UFC on Roku. Check the steps above to learn how to watch UFC on Roku through ESPN+.

How can I watch UFC 279 on Roku?

Well, the UFC 279 is over now. But you can watch many other famous fights by getting the ESPN app on your Roku. Also, you can watch UFC through UFC Fight Pass if you are outside of the United States.

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