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When you think of getting a streaming service that would bring all the media that matters to you, our suggestion is Plex. You can start a free trial for 30 days (subject to availability) and create your collection as beautiful and stellar as possible.

The Plex Media Server (PMS) lets you access your media files from any device. If you want to access Plex on your streaming device like Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Android TV, you need to create a Plex account, install the Plex TV app, and activate the app at

https //

Before proceeding with the activation steps, make sure you have a Plex account. If you don’t have it, you can follow the instructions below.

How to Create a Plex Account?

When you have a Plex account, you can stream over 200 Live channels, 20,000 free on-demand movies, and shows from MGM, Lionsgate, Crackle, Warner Brothers, and more. To create or set up a Plex profile, check the following steps –

  • Open a web browser on your computer, mobile, or tablet.
  • Visit the Plex TV sign-up page –
  • Enter your Email address and Password in the prompted fields. You can also sign up using your Google, Apple, or Facebook account.
  • Then, click on the Create an Account button.
  • Your account will be created, and you will be directed to the Plex home screen.
  • If you wish to go for a paid subscription, select the Go Premium option from the top-right corner of the home screen.
  • Select the desired plan (Monthly | Annual | Lifetime) and provide the payment details (Credit Card or PayPal).
  • Next, if you have a Promo or Gift Code, enter it in the relevant field and click the Apply button.
  • Click the Continue to Summary button to make the payment and start your premium membership.

Once you have created an account with Plex, you can proceed with the activation process at

Guide to Activate Plex TV at https // [2023]

If you find it challenging to browse through the list of applications on your streaming device, an ideal solution is to have the Plex app. Available on all popular streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Android TV, you can easily set up the Plex TV app on your preferred device by following the instructions below. Link your Roku Device

The Plex TV app helps you easily navigate movies and shows from different apps in one place. So, follow the steps below to activate the app on your Roku.

  • Access the Streaming Channels > Search Channels option on your Roku device.
  • Next, search for the Plex app.
  • Once you locate the app, tap the Add channel button to install it on Roku.
  • When added, tap the Go to channel option to launch the app.
  • Inside the Plex app, select Sign In to get a 4-character link code.
  • Save the code and open on another device.
  • Sign in to your Plex account if you are not already.
  • Please enter the code in the provided field and submit it.

Once the code is verified, your TV screen will refresh. You can now access the Plex app on your Roku streaming device.

Connect Plex with Android TV

Install the Plex app from the Play Store to manage all your favorite movies and shows from the different apps installed on your Android TV.

  • Visit the Apps > Play Store section on your Android TV.
  • Search for the Plex app in the Play Store.
  • When found, select the app and tap the Install button to add it to your Android TV.
  • After installing the app, press Open to launch it.
  • A one-time registration code and an activation link will display on your screen.
  • Using a browser on another device, visit
  • On the activation page, sign in using your Plex credentials.
  • Once logged in, submit the activation code and follow the on-screen prompts (if any).

You can then access the Plex app on your Android TV.

Link Plex TV with Apple TV

Whether you wish to watch free movies, Live TV, or manage your other applications on Apple TV, the Plex app is an all-in-one package. Available with a free and premium subscription, you can activate it on your Apple TV by following these steps.

  • Go to App Store on your Apple TV.
  • Find the Plex app in the App Store using the search option.
  • From the search results, select the app and press the Get button.
  • Next, press Open to launch the Plex app on Apple TV.
  • Select the Sign In option located near the lower-right corner.
  • You will see an activation code on the screen.
  • Now, visit on your phone/pc browser.
  • Sign in using your email address and password. 
  • Enter the activation code displayed on your TV and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

The Plex app is now active on your Apple TV.

Plex TV Activation on Fire TV

Don’t find the interface of Fire TV easy enough to find your desired movie to watch from various applications? Then, maybe you should give a try to the Plex app. 

Follow these steps to install and link the Plex app on your Fire TV.

  • Open the Find section from your Fire TV home screen.
  • In the Find section, type “Plex” and begin the search process.
  • Next, select the Plex app from the search results and tap the Get button.
  • The app will start to download and install on your Fire TV.
  • Once installed, tap the Open option to launch the Plex app. 
  • Follow the prompts on your TV screen to get an activation code.
  • Now, open on a computer or mobile device.
  • Sign in using your Plex TV login details.
  • After signing in, enter the code from your TV.

Return to your TV and start using the Plex app on your Fire TV.

Plex TV – Compatible Devices

You can access the Plex app on a variety of streaming devices. These include:

Apple TVAndroid TViOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch)Amazon Alexa
ChromecastPortal from FacebookPlayStationSonos
RokuSmart TVsNvidia ShieldCaavo
Amazon Fire TVAndroid Auto and mobile devices.XboxLenovo Mirage Solo VR
Oculus GoSamsung Gear VRGoogle Daydream 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Sign in to Your Plex Account?

– Go to
– Select the Sign In option from the top-right corner.
– Next, enter the login credentials and tap Sign In to access your Plex account.

I don’t remember my Plex account password. What to do?

If you don’t remember your Plex account password:

– Go to the Plex Password Reset page. 
– Enter your email address in the provided field and click Send Instructions button.
– Follow the instructions provided in the email to reset your account password.

What are the different plans available?

Plex premium features are currently available in monthly, annual, and lifetime memberships.

Monthly (Most Popular): $4.99
Annual (Extra Savings): $39.99
Lifetime (Pure Dedication): $119.99

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