How to Stream Jazzercise On Demand on Roku – Step-by-Step Guide

If you love dancing and also are a fitness freak, you are surely going to love Jazzercise programs. When you sign up with Jazzercise, not only will you obtain doses of dance-based, full-body routines, but also you will be bowled over with an array of programs including kickboxing, yoga, jazz dance, strength training, HIIT, and more. You can access the videos right onto your TV screen and enjoy the fun. If you have a new Roku, let us walk you through the steps below to stream Jazzercise On Demand on Roku.

Looking for a Fitness Channel? Get Jazzercise On Demand on Roku

Jazzercise is the best fitness channel that you can ask for. It has a legacy of over 5 decades of transforming bodies and minds. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind class that will leave sweating and smiling. The class will –

  • Warm-up and cool down
  • Pop music
  • Killer dance moves
  • Restorative stretch segments
  • Core-focused movements for washboard abs

The best thing about Jazzercise is that you can sign up for a 7-day FREE trial.

Guide to Streaming Jazzercise On Demand on Roku

“I purchased Jazzercise on Demand and now I can’t get it setup on Roku on my TV.  Every time I go to it it wants to start a free trial, which I already have.  Is there another place I need to look to bring it up?  Please help.  Do I look for it somewhere else other than under streaming channels?  Thank you.”

You tried the 7-day FREE trial and loved the programs hosted by FitPro instructors. It is time to go for the subscription and get all the amazing videos and full-body classes right to your home on your big TV screen via Roku. Let’s learn how you can activate and stream Jazzercise On Demand on Roku.

  • Let’s begin the activation process by turning on the Roku device.
  • Use your Roku remote to navigate to the Home screen by tapping the Home icon on it.
  • From there, you need to navigate to “Streaming Channels”.
  • Now, look for the option that says “Search Channels”.
  • In the search bar, type the app if you don’t see it on the screen.
  • The result should bring the Jazzercise On Demand app on the screen.
  • Click or tap on the “+Add channel” button. (Note: Service may require additional fees.)
  • You must enter the Roku sign-in credentials to log in. The credentials would comprise Email address and Password. (Note: If you don’t have a Roku account, create one by clicking on the “Create account” button. A Roku account lets you explore and enjoy all types of movies, music, TV shows, and more.)
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure.

That’s how you bring the dance party home. With a wide range of programs and videos at your disposal, why not add faves to your playlist and stay fit? Take your workouts in the streets or stay in the best comforts of your home, you will love to follow a 10, 20, 30, or 40-minute class and enjoy the session.

Jazzercise On Demand on Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Smartphones

Why only Roku when you can get the app on other popular streaming devices and smartphones? Yes, you can now access your go-to workout across a wide range of devices that give you access to virtual dance workouts, recovery sessions, and strength-only workouts.

  • Make sure you get the Jazzercise On Demand app on your streaming device or Android/ iOS phone.
  • Sign in to your profile and start accessing all the amazing programs to not just shape your physical appearance but also boost your mental well-being.

Keeping the COVID-19 in mind it can be said that Jazzercise On Demand is a great platform to stay indoors and enjoy your workouts. Even if you are not a dancing diva, the trainers and coaches would ensure you are enjoying yourself to the fullest.


Whether you go for a monthly plan or choose an annual package, you are going to avail of yourself the 14-day free trial period. After that, the subscription fee will follow.

  • Monthly $19.99
  • Yearly $194.99

What are you waiting for? Let’s dance your way into fitness with one of the best workout apps. You are going to love the classes that cover restorative workouts, strength, cardio, and more. Simply follow the steps above carefully to carry out the Jazzercise On Demand on Roku and other devices streaming process easily.

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