Bored of Seeing Same Roku Logo? Try These Top 5 Roku Screensavers Now

We don’t feel the need to describe what a screensaver is. But we would definitely like to tell you which Roku screensaver to choose from if you are bored or tired of seeing the same screen when your Roku device is idle. In this guide, we will cover the best 5 Roku screensavers that might fascinate you enough to pick one for your Roku screen.

Roku is one of the most popular streaming devices available to the residents of the United States. If you already own one and access thousands of titles effortlessly, why not pay some attention to the screensavers?

Screensavers are amazing, and Roku has a massive collection of stunning screensavers. Space Screensaver, Nautical Screensaver, Jungle Screensaver, Western Screensaver, Kids Screensaver, Romance Screensaver, and more – the list is never-ending.

As you read further, you will unfold the top 5 Roku screensavers. You may also suggest your favorite pick in case we don’t cover that here.

Top 5 Roku Screensavers – Which One You Will Pick?

Roku boasts more than three dozen screensavers for your idle screen. Take a look at the following screensavers for your device.

  1. Aurora Lights Collection: Yes, we are talking about the Northern Lights screensavers. Roku has a huge Aurora Lights Collection to choose from. If you are a fan of the Northern Lights, you will surely fall in love with the spectacular aurora borealis. Look at the captivating lights that adorn your Roku screen. Isn’t it a great way to start the day? In addition to the gorgeous views, you can have the Weather and Clock widgets. Add them to the screen if you need to look at the screen to get the weather updates before you leave for work.
  2. Digital Clock: Many people prefer keeping Digital Clock screensaver as it displays the time as well as weather conditions (real-time). Although the screensaver boasts a black background, you may customize the colors. Add more details in Digital Clock, and you can even set the time as per your convenience (like 24-hour or 12-hour clock). Go to the Screensaver Settings to make any changes. Digital Clock has all the features and ingredients if you prefer a classic look.
  3. Aquatic Life: Love life? Why not add Aquatic Life to your screen and bring your boring TV screen to life? Your kids will love watching the exotic fish and other beautiful sea creatures swim in calm. What’s more? The crystal clear blue waters will never fail to create an impression that will last long. Are you ready to turn your big TV screen into a beautiful virtual aquarium?
  4. Winter Forest: Developed by Okko, the Winter Forest screensaver boasts an incredible snow forest collection. You get to see amazing landscapes that will surely take your breath away. Also, the fresh air will keep you longing for more. In addition to the beautiful scenery, you can add Weather and Clock widgets as well. Customize the look and make the screen more attractive and beautiful when it is idle.
  5. Romance Screensaver: You don’t have to be in love to keep this Romance Screensaver for your Roku. Developed by Roku Themes, Romance Screensaver will surely inculcate some love in you.

Which screensaver do you like the most? If you have your favorite screensaver, let us know in the comment section.

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