Activatewisely.Com Activate Card – Step-by-Step Guide to Activate Wisely Card

Have you signed up with an Activate Wisely Direct Card? It will not take more than ten business days (max) to arrive at your place. Once the card arrives in the mail, you need to take to activate it first. Visit the Activatewisely.Com portal to activate the card. It is the easiest and most reliable way to activate your card.

Once the card is activated and you fund your card, it can be used to purchase goods and services everywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted. Also, you can use the card to withdraw cash at all participating ATMs. If you use the My Wisely Mobile App, you can view your balance anytime, anywhere. You can also check your balance and keep a tab on all the activities at

Activatewisely.Com Activate Card – How Do I Activate My Card

The quickest way to get started with the card is to activate it. Before accessing the official activation page, you must be ready with the 16-digit card number and expiration date. Here’s a rundown of steps to activate your Wisely Card.

  • Ensure your computer is connected to the best Internet in your area as you gear up to access the activation page.
  • Launch your browser and in the URL, type
  • Enter your 16-digit card number, followed by the Expiration Date.
  • Click the “I’m not a robot” checkbox.
  • Check all the inputs and make sure the details are correct.
  • You can edit the changes if you think the details are incorrect. Next, click the Continue button.
  • A few more clicks, and your Wisely Card is ready for use.

If prompted, you will have to choose a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Activate Your Wisely Direct Card by Phone

Another trusted method to activate your Direct Card is by phone. Grab your phone and dial 1-866-313-9029. Follow the instructions, choose a PIN, and activate your card.

Note: Save the number – 1-866-313-9029 – as it will also come in handy when you don’t receive your card in the mail within 7 – 10 business days.

Now that your Wisely Pay Card is activated, you can fun your card to use it at stores where MasterCard cards are accepted. If you wish to draw cash, select a participating ATM.

Different Benefits of Wisely Pay Card

The first-ever contactless payment card, Wisely not only lets you save time, money, and energy with its secure and private platform but also helps you manage your everyday life and be healthier. The cashless system comes in handy in several ways –

  • By reducing money waste
  • Eliminates the need for cash transactions

With a Wisely Card, you can keep a watch on how much cash you spend every day, what you buy, and save money. Apart from tracking spending, you can set personal spending limits. This means you won’t be able to make any further transactions on that particular day once you reach the daily spending limits.

People who have irregular or low income and want to keep their expenses low should surely opt for Wisely Pay Cards. These prepaid cards offer quick access to cash when you have to pay bills or buy tickets. Wisely Cardholders can enjoy the following benefits –

  • Direct deposit at no additional cost.
  • Get a personalized card with your name on it.
  • Load checks or add cash directly.
  • The cards come with an inbuilt EMV chip fraud protection security feature.
  • Check transactions anytime with its Mobile App. Get the app on your Android or iOS phone.

FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

How do I activate my new Wisely Direct Card?

You can either access the activate card portal or call 1-866-313-9029 from your phone to activate your newly received card. Before activating your card, keep your card number and expiration details handy.

Can I use my Wisely Card for cash at an ATM? You can use your Wisely card to withdraw cash. There are millions of ATMs worldwide that allow you to get cash.

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