How to Activate Your New OpenSky Credit Card at – Updated 2023

Looking to start building better credit? Opt for an OpenSky Credit Card. The Open Sky Credit Card, issued by Capital Bank N.A., is a perfect choice for people with poor credit as there is no credit check to apply.

OpenSky can help you improve your credit score if you are struggling with bad credit. Check this guide to learn how to apply and activate the Opensky card (after receiving it) at activate Activate Card Online

After receiving your Opensky credit card, you must activate it online. So, follow the instructions below to get started with your card at URL –

  • Launch a web browser and visit
  • Enter the following information –
    • Credit Card Number
    • First Name
    • Middle Initial (Only if it appears on your card)
    • Last Name
    • Last 4-digits of SSN
    • Card Expiration Date
    • CVV Number on the back of your card
    • Date of Birth
    • Select State from the dropdown
    • ZIP
  • After entering all the required information in the relevant fields, click Submit.

If all the information provided by you is correct, your Opensky credit card will be activated instantly.

How to Apply for an OpenSky Credit Card?

Excited about getting your first Open Sky Secured Visa Credit Card? Here are a few things that you must possess before applying for the card.

  • Your SSN or ITIN number.
  • You must be 18 years old, at least.
  • Complete mailing address (P.O. Box).
  • Must have an option to pay the security deposit (for example, debit card).

Do you confirm the above prerequisites? If yes, proceed with the following application process.

It is a 5-step process. First, go to the Opensky application page and enter the required details.

  1. Personal Info: Enter the following details –
  • First Name
  • Middle Initial (Optional)
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  1. Address & Contact Details: Go to Step 2 and fill in the blanks –
  • Home Address – enter your Suite or Apartment, ZIP, City, and State.
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Home Phone Number
  1. Financial & Security Info: Provide your financial details –
  • Total Yearly Income
  • Monthly Housing Payment
  • Monthly Housing Payment Type (Rent/ Own/ Other)
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Security Word (Choose a word that you can easily remember.)
  1. Agreements: Check for pricing information and read the terms & conditions carefully before accepting them. If you want to print out the contracts, tap Clik here to print.
  2. Security Deposit: 
  • Enter the amount you want to pay as a security deposit. The amount you pay will equal the credit limit on your card. For example, if you pay $300 as a security deposit, you will get a $300 credit limit on your Opensky credit card. The security deposit amount can be as low as $200 or as high as $3,000.
  • Provide the payment details for the deposit and click Submit.

Steps to Check Your OpenSky Application Status

Can’t wait to get your credit card? Why not check the application status and learn when your card will arrive in the mail? Here are the simple steps to check your OpenSky credit card application status.

  • To check your card application status, go to this link.
  • Enter your email address, security word, last 4-digits of SSN, and DOB.
  • Click the Check My Application Status option.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate my Open Sky Card?

You can activate your OpenSky Credit Card online at Make sure you have the card details handy before accessing the activation page.

How do I pay my OpenSky credit card online?

You must enroll for an Open Sky Account or download the latest version of the mobile app to pay your credit card bill. The Open Sky mobile app is available on the Play Store (for Android devices) and App Store (for iOS devices).

How to register your OpenSky card?

– You must enroll your card to pay the bills and keep track of transactions.
– Open my account login page on your computer or mobile device.
– Enter the card details, personal information, etc.
– Click the Next button and stick to on-screen prompts.

You are ready to manage your Open Sky credit card account.

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