How to Watch IMDb TV or Freevee on Roku Streaming Device [Updated]

Originally launched as IMDB Freedive, IMDb TV is an ad-supported streaming video channel from Amazon. Unlike Pluto TV or Sling TV, IMDb TV offers popular TV episodes and movies as video-on-demand.

If you wish to stream IMDb TV on Roku to watch blockbuster movies or popular TV shows like Lost, Chicago Fire, or Mad Men, you can’t get it directly from the Roku channel store.

How to Watch IMDB TV on Roku

IMDb TV is available on Roku through Amazon Prime Video. So to access the channel on your Roku device, install the Prime Video app from the channel store and access the Prime Channel category. From there, go to the IMDb TV section to watch the IMDb TV classics and originals.

Note: As per the latest news, IMDb TV is rebranded to Amazon Freevee. You can get the Freevee app on your Roku to watch IMDb TV programming.

What Do You Need to Watch IMDb on Roku

If you want to stream IMDb TV on Roku seamlessly, keep the following things at your disposal.

  • An updated Roku device.
  • Stable Wi-Fi network.
  • Amazon account credentials.
  • Must have a Prime video subscription.

Steps to Stream IMDb TV on Roku through Amazon Prime Video

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can watch the entire IMDB TV library on Roku by following the steps below.

  • Turn on your Roku device and launch the Prime Video app.
  • If you haven’t installed the Amazon Prime Video app yet, you can navigate to the Roku Channel Store and install the app.
  • Inside the app, select the Sign in option to get a code to activate your device.
  • Once you have the code, visit on another device.
  • Sign in using your Amazon account credentials.
  • Enter the registration code and click the Register Device button.
  • Now go to your TV screen and access Prime Video Channels. 
  • Select IMBD TV and play any video you want to watch.

You can now browse your favorite TV shows and movies available on IMDb TV.

Install FreeVee on Roku to Watch IMDb TV

Freevee, earlier known as IMDb TV, is available on the Roku channel store. You can install the Freevee channel on Roku to start accessing drama, horror, sci-fi, and many traditional genres.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to installing the Freevee app on Roku.

  • Go to the home screen of your Roku device.
  • Scroll to the Streaming Channels option.
  • Select the Search channels option.
  • Click the Search feature and look for the Freevee app.
  • Install the app by clicking the Add channel button.
  • Once the Freevee channel is added to Roku, launch it.
  • Enter the required sign-in details.

You are ready to watch IMDB TV on your Roku streaming device.

How to screen mirror IMDB TV on Roku from Android?

To stream IMDb on Roku, you should enable the screen mirror feature on your Roku device and make sure both the Roku and Android device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open Google Play Store.
  • Tap on the Search bar and type Freevee.
  • Select the Freevee app from the list.
  • Tap the green Install button to download & install the app on your device.
  • Now, open the Notification Panel.
  • Select the Cast icon. (If you are a Samsung user, select Smart View.)
  • Select your Roku device from the list. Wait a few seconds, and your TV will start casting your phone screen.
  • Launch the Freevee app on your phone and enter the required sign-in details.

You should now see Freevee content on your Roku device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is IMDB TV available on Roku?

You can’t get IMDB TV on Roku directly. Instead, you must install the Prime Video or Freevee app to stream IMDB TV.

Do I have to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video to watch IMDb TV on Roku?

Not necessarily! If you don’t have a Prime Video subscription, you can still watch IMDB TV programming on Roku using your Amazon account credentials.

Is IMDb TV rebranded to Freevee?

As per reports, IMDV TV is now Freevee.

What is the alternative way to watch IMDB TV on Roku?

You can use the screen mirror method to watch IMDB TV on Roku. First, make sure your Roku device has the screen mirror feature enabled.

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