CBS App Not Working for All Devices – Troubleshooting Tips

Just like popular streaming apps, the CBS app lets you watch the latest episodes of your favorite CBS shows from the best comforts of your comfy living room. When you sign in with your TV provider, you can instantly stream live TV and access the full seasons of your local CBS station. Sometimes the CBS app may not function the way you want it to be. If it fails to bring you all the latest updates of your favorite sports, entertainment news, or can’t-miss events like NBCC March Madness, The Grammy Awards, NFL on CBS, etc., you must diagnose the problem and find the correct troubleshooting tips. This guide will talk about several troubleshooting tips if the CBS app is not working for all devices.

CBS App Not Working for All Devices – Force Close App to Resolve Streaming Issues

If the CBS app stops working for all these devices – Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android phone, or iOS devices, you need to force close the app. Also, you can force close the CBS app if it doesn’t load or you see a black screen. Below are the steps to resolve the streaming issues if the CBS app freezes.

Apple TV –

Believing that you use a 4th-gen Apple TV to stream CBS, here’s what you are supposed to do when the CBS app freezes.

  • Access the home screen of your Apple TV.
  • On the Siri Remote, double-click the Home button.
  • Now, swipe up on the touch surface.
  • You are all set to force close all current apps open.
  • Re-launch the CBS app to see if it functions well.

Android TV –

To fix the CBS app on your Android TV, you need to learn how to force close the CBS app.

  • Turn on your device and access the CBS app home screen.
  • Navigate to Settings and select Apps.
  • Click the Force Stop app.
  • You can re-launch it to resume streaming sports and other favorite content.

Amazon Fire TV –

The following steps will help you resolve the app issues on your Fire TV.

  • Switch on your Fire TV device and access the home screen.
  • Use the Fire TV remote to access Settings.
  • From there, you can navigate to Applications > Managed Installed Applications.
  • You need to click the CBS app.
  • Upon finding the Force Stop option, click it.

You can launch the CBS app again to resume streaming.

Roku –

Can’t access the CBS app on your Roku TV? You can restart your Roku device.

  • Roku TV: If you use the CBS app on Roku TV, go to the Settings option. You can select the System option. Click Power > System Restart. You should be able to use CBS again.
  • Roku Player: Here’s what you need to do if you stream CBS on Roku Player. Navigate to Settings > System > System Restart.

Android phone –

Follow the steps below to force close the app for an Android phone or tablet.

  • Grab your device and tap the three lines menu. (You will find the hamburger menu at the bottom of your screen.)
  • Swipe up or click Close All to exit all open apps.
  • Next, open the app again to use the app.

iOS devices –

The following steps are ideal for iPhone or iPad.

  • From the bottom of the screen, swipe up.
  • You may want to pause slightly in the middle of the screen.
  • Now, you need to swipe left or right to locate the app.
  • Swipe up on the preview of the app to force close the app.

If you use older iPhones, here’s what you need to do.

  • Access the home screen and press the Home button twice.
  • On the screen, you will see a list of running apps.
  • To close the app’s background task, you need to swipe up on the app.
  • Now, return to the home screen to launch the app again.

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