Guide to Activate Your PCH Activation Code at

Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is a direct-to-consumer company known for marketing merchandise and magazine subscriptions along with sweepstakes (a type of contest) and prize-based games. The company is mainly known for the free-to-play sweepstakes and Prize Patrol to promote its magazine subscriptions.

If you have recently received a PCH award pending notice in the mail or email, you first need to open it to find the act now sweepstakes 2022 activation code and confirm your entry at  or using the code.

Follow the instructions drafted below to know how to activate your PCH activation code at

What is Activation Code?

PCH activation code is a 5-character code. It is usually a combination of 2 letters and 3 numbers. You can find this code in the postcard received from Publishers Clearing House with your name on it. This means that you have been selected for the Final Winner Selection List.

The final activation code is time-sensitive, so make sure you activate it at asap.

Activate Your PCH 2022 activation code at

If you have received a PCH Notice in your name and want to win, you must open it and find the PCH activation code. First, carefully tear off the tabs on the sides and top to reveal the code without tampering. Once you have the www.pch act now code, proceed with the instructions below. actnow
  1. Open or
  2. On the PCH act now page, enter the 5-digit activation code in the provided field and press Submit Code.
  3. On the next screen, you will see an official registration form.
  4. In the registration form, fill your complete details like name, address, zip code, and email address.
  5. After filling in all the details, click Continue.
  6. Your entry will be officially submitted, and if in luck, you might even get placed on the Winners’ list.

Submitting your entry by following these simple steps might bring you a millionaire-making fortune. So don’t miss the chance if you receive the mail.

How To Win PCH Sweepstakes without Activation Code?

If you haven’t received the PCH winning notice yet, but want to participate in the PCH sweepstakes 2022, follow the step-by-step instructions provided below:

  • Visit
  • Click the blue WIN IT! button.
  • Provide the required information – Title, First Name, Last Name, Street Address, Apt/Suite, City, State, Zip Code, Date of Birth, Email, etc.
  • After providing the required information, click Enter Now!.
  • Then, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the registration process.

How to Contact Publishers Clearing House?

Following are the different contact options that you can use.

Live Chat (NOTE: The live chat link will only be visible when a chat agent is available to assist.)

  • Mobile users: Select the Live Chat link under the Contact Us menu.
  • Desktop users: Select the “Live Chat” option located at the top of the FAQ site.

Email Assistance: To get assistance for, PCHSearch & Win, PCHgames, PCHlotto, and PCHApps, you can click here to submit your query.

General Inquiries (Order Concerns, Billing, and Sweepstakes): Call 1 800 459 4724

Note that their office timings are – 

  • 08:30 AM to 11:00 PM Eastern Time (Monday to Friday) 
  • 08:30 AM to 05:00 PM Eastern Times (Saturday)
  • Closed on Holidays

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate in the PCH Sweepstakes if I live in Canada?

Unfortunately, PCH is no longer offering its promotions in Canada. Therefore, your sweepstakes entry cannot be processed.

What are the advantages of a PCH VIP Elite?

There are numerous benefits provided for PCH VIP Elite, such as:
– Access to VIP Elite prizes.
– $100,000 VIP Elite Bonus to $10,00,000 VIP giveaway.
– Exclusive customer service number.
– Chance to win VIP Elite Millionaire-of-the Month prize.
– Secret automatic Bonus Superprize entries.
– Exclusive VIP Elite prizes on Search&Win.

Suddenly I am not receiving act now emails. What to do?

Add the PCH email address (located in the “From” field on their emails) to your contact list. You should then start receiving exciting opportunities to enter world-renowned sweepstakes.

Note: Please don’t share your 5-digit activation code in the comments section.

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  1. terry kirby says:

    forgot password cannot recieve reset instructions from can i call for help

  2. terry kirby says:

    unable to receive needed info to reset password

  3. Lucy says:

    I thought I was supposed to leave an activation code

  4. cynthia bryant says:

    I received my final chance post card in the mail. My activation code is FC290,

  5. Yolanda Silva says:

    My Activation code is FC277

  6. stephanie conrad says:

    my activation code is FC275

  7. Ron schoettler says:

    My activation code is FC276

  8. Bonnie O’Shea says:

    My activation code is FC275

  9. Mrs. Masoe says:

    Just waiting…

  10. Lee Hyman says:

    My code FC298

  11. DEL L NORLAND says:

    my activation code is: FC316

  12. Marcella M Budd says:

    why send me two differedt actiivation codes ?

  13. GARY Briggs says:

    Strange my code is the same as Michael J Johnson, FC316 so this is best I can do.

  14. Regina Gaye May says:

    Cannot enter code or access my account

  15. Niki Bos says:

    Could not put code in. Mine being FC316 same as Michael J Johnson’s, Why??

  16. Grace Tilson says:

    Activation Code FC317

  17. Mark A Holmes says:

    This is starting to make me think PHC is full of it. Activation code can’t activat, I will remember this the nest time I receive you mail. so long

  18. charles love says:

    could not put code in no way i tried thanx a lot p.c

  19. Joeenn S. Potter says:

    why won’t you accept my reply? this is the 3rd try

  20. clarice darling says:

    For so many years, I have been playing this game with you. I don’t know
    how many times you have sent me notifications saying this is the last one????? but i usually receive at least 50 more. I would like to win, but I order because I like the products. How many poor people really believe they are going to win.

  21. robert e robertson, says:

    I should be able to enter my code with outdownloading any thing.much less a browser! what a scam. does anybody know someone who actually won the grand prize? or any prize for that matter.BOO to pch and all of there trickery and distractions. my code is FC317 by the way.

  22. william west says:

    Activation code FC296

  23. dan Neumann says:

    My activation code F C 297 . This is very confusing , not sure where to enter my activation code , but here it is.

  24. Donna Franks says:

    My activation code is: FC316
    Like so many others?

  25. Dorothy Dolbeare says:

    I am in a tough place along with my family medically could really use your help!
    Please don’t let me down this “PCH”! MY Activation CODE is FC294.

  26. Linda Page says:

    Wow! I am confused. Dan Neumann and I have the same activation code. I’m DONE!!! I wish everyone much continued Blessings.

  27. william Solis says:

    What a let down, this must be the bottom of the barrel , where those that were astute enough to get this far and realized , there was no place you could ACTUALLY enter their activation code.
    The system is set to redirect you to other, _order here pages.
    my code is FC297 And I noticed someone else here has the same code, ha,ha……
    I am crushed ..lied and scheamed again…

  28. Susie Zahner says:

    First page sent me to a page where you want my Credit Card info BUT U won’t Charge it???? Red Flag for Me! I will say, this was very confusing and my Activation Number is FC316 which I share with others. Are we put in groups and then you pick a group?? Doesn’t say???



  30. Lydia Daniels says:


  31. dan Neumann says:

    My code is the same as other people ? ? Can youlet me know whats up ? Also I’ve been playin’ these games since May 2018. Not one dollar ? ? / / / What does it take to WIN ? My activation code is F C 297 .

  32. I thought you wanted a activation code FC316

  33. Ernestine Fisher says:

    I’m Ernestine I try to activate my code number FC 298.august 20,2021. It’s wouldn’t let me activate so is the problem my number it’s not real so I guess the joke on me. [email protected]

  34. TerryHerron says:

    I TerryHerron would Like To Be The Next One To WIN!!!

  35. marge schmidt says:

    could not enter my no.

  36. Dave SNODGRASS says:

    For my publishers clearing House final notice enter me into the 7000 a week for life contest

  37. Lynn quesada says:

    Full of bull I quit!! All you want is people to spend money on subscription s that they don’t really need

  38. Jerry C Funches says:

    Can’t enter 5 digit code

  39. Debbie Murphy says:

    I tried to put activation# in and won’t let me so here is my number FC 353

  40. Marian Laird says:

    Could not navigate instructions. Very complicated. Activation code is FC348.

  41. Marian Laird says:

    Navigation Code is FC348

  42. Kim says:

    Code FC353
    What a nightmare! Hours, I can’t get back. Why should this be so difficult?
    I’ve already sent my order and final step. I normally do not do this. Wow! Just wow!
    Now I know why! You’d think pch would have more people interested if it wasn’t so difficult to “ENTER” and the “NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO WIN”! Yet online, you can’t get past the ads and the the sale items. Like the microwave egg cooker for 5 payments of 20$ S&H, taxes. $150 for an egg shaped piece of plastic!
    Or a cutting board 3×4 inches, to cut an egg, or a cherry tomato! Only $200! Great!
    No wonder most people included me, throw away the Pch envelope without opening it. There’s NEVER a final step! I can’t wait to order again!

  43. Joseph Penn says:

    My activation code : FC348

  44. James Harris says:

    FC348 It won’t let me enter. Seems to be issue. I’m not the only one. Help please.Thank you.

  45. Juan Serrano says:

    It not led me enter FC348 my code..thank you.

  46. Kandy Cobourn says:

    My activation code is FC349 site will not process with the respond now . Goes no further with processing?

  47. Linda Penrod says:

    Couldn’t activate my code so it’s FC349. U need to make sure things work!

  48. Linda Penrod says:

    Couldn’t activate my code so it’s FC349. U need to make sure things work!this is even saying I’ve replied already and haven’t

  49. pete says:

    oct 22,2021 act code FC348

  50. James Townsend says:

    Code fc349

  51. Larry Delacour says:

    Activation Code FC349

  52. Jeanette Thompson says:

    Jeanette Thompson is my name my Activation c Fc352

  53. Grant Broughton says:

    Grant Broughton
    Code? Fc348

  54. Carol Herrick says:

    I have tried many times to submit my activation code, but it won’t let me. I put the code in but it won’t let me submit it. I sent it in about four days ago.

  55. Reanetta Holmes says:


  56. Reanetta Holmes says:


  57. Nugent says:

    Looking forward to hear from you

  58. Robert Tyson says:

    My activation code is FC353

  59. Martin Tidball says:

    My activation code is FC349

  60. Martin Tidball says:

    Activation code FC349

  61. janet jones berry says:

    i was looking at the comment and someone name robert tyson have the code as i do

  62. Terry Osborn says:

    It wouldn’t take my activation code FC348 either. Why do multiply people have the same code?

  63. Ivonne Figueroa says:

    My Activation code is FC353

  64. Clinton Phillips says:

    Thanks just praying 🙏 for me to b more blessful if I win n giving

  65. Clinton Phillips says:

    Good y I can’t get in

  66. marjorie kujawinski says:

    Activation # FC353

  67. wayne blanchard says:

    i can’t where to enter my activation whtch isSP907

  68. charlie vanek says:

    I could not enter my activation code FC358

  69. Connie Alvizar says:

    where do l summit my code? My code is FC359.

  70. Connie Alvizar says:

    where do l place my code? My code is FC359.

  71. Khurram shahzad says:

    Please help me pch office manager sir my wing prize code pc214

  72. Kathy Robertson says:

    I’ve played around way too long to fine the place for activation code. Frustrated!!!!!

    Her is my code FC358!!!!!

    Lets do it!!!!!! please

  73. Jo Ann Bond says:

    Can’t find a place to put my code so here it is……FC359.

  74. Debra Beuoy says:

    No place to enter my activation code which is FC358,
    Why mail these notices, postcards etc. if your website doesn’t allow you to enter code as stated .? ?

  75. richard randolph says:

    hope I win

  76. victor d holtz says:

    You sent me a letter to activate my code for April 28th $7,000 a month for life prize .
    You told me to go to
    I dfid but there is no place to enter my activation code for this prize.
    Just places to sign up and wait.
    Would you please send me the link to activate my code for this prize on April 28th ?
    I’ve been waiting since Ed was still doing Jonny.

  77. Barbara Mosher says:

    My Activation number is FC372

  78. Gary L. Saunders says:

    My activation code is: FC372. Thanks

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