Activate Watch TCM App on Roku, Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV [Updated]

Here is good news for all movie lovers, who are always excited to watch classic-themed movies online. Recently Comcast launched TCM streaming services for the TCM channel subscribers.

Now, users can easily watch the latest shows of TCM on their Roku, Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, and other supported streaming devices.

All you are required to do is install the TCM app on your device and activate it at using the activation code and TV provider account credentials.

Guide to Activate the TCM App at

To know how to install and activate the TCM app on your preferred streaming device, follow the below instructions.

activate Watch TCM

Activate TCM on Roku using Activation Code

  • Scroll down and select the Streaming Channels option from your Roku home menu.
  • Next, select the Search/Search channels option from the left-side panel.
  • Type “Watch TCM” in the search bar and begin the search process.
  • Next, select the app from the search results.
  • Then, click the Add channel button to download and install the TCM app on Roku.
  • After the installation, click Go to channel to launch the app.
  • You will get a unique link code on your TV screen.
  • Launch a browser on another device and open the URL –
  • Tap on Roku, enter the activation code on the next screen, and hit Submit button.
  • Then, select your TV service provider (if prompted) and sign in using its account credentials.
  • Post successful verification of your service provider, the TCM app will be linked to your Roku device.

Watch & Activate on Fire TV via Pay-TV Subscription

  1. Go to the Find section from the main menu of your Fire TV.
  2. Use the search option in the Find section to locate the “Watch TCM” app.
  3. Once located, select the TCM app and tap the Get button.
  4. The app will begin installing on your Fire TV.
  5. After installation, press Open to launch the app.
  6. You will see a registration code along with this activation link
  7. Open the activation link on a browser to get to the TCM activation page.
  8. Select the Fire TV option on the activation page.
  9. Next, enter the code and click Submit.
  10. Then, select your TV service provider and sign in using the username and password.
  11. Once logged in, complete the on-screen prompts (if any).
  12. The TCM app is now activated on your Fire TV. activate

Install and Activate Watch TCM on Apple TV

  • Access the App Store on your Apple TV from the main screen.
  • Enter “Watch TCM” in the search field using the on-screen keypad and confirm it.
  • Next, select the TCM app from the search results and press the Get button.
  • Wait for the TCM app to install your Apple TV.
  • Then, launch the app by selecting the Open option.
  • Your TV screen will display a unique code, activation link, and instructions to follow.
  • Now, open a browser on another device and visit the TCM activation page –
  • Tap on the Apple TV option.
  • Enter the activation code in the prompted field and press the Submit button.
  • Then, sign in using your TV Provider account credentials.
  • You can now watch TCM programming on your Apple TV.

Activate TCM on Android TV at

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android TV.
  • Look for the Watch TCM app in the Play Store using the search option.
  • Select the TCM app from the search results and press the Install button.
  • The app will begin to download and install on your Android TV.
  • Once installed, click Open to launch the TCM app on Android TV.
  • A one-time authentication code along with an activation link ( will display on your screen.
  • Now, open the activation link using a browser on your second device.
  • Next, select Android TV, enter the code in the given field, and tap Submit option.
  • On the next screen, select your TV service provider (if prompted) and log in with your account credentials.
  • The TCM app is now active on your Android TV.

Things to Consider

  • Make sure that you have a stable internet connection.
  • The WiFi or hotspot speed should be sufficient to complete the TCM activation process.
  • Update the software of your streaming device(if available).
  • Make sure you enter the activation code before it expires.

We hope the guide mentioned above is helpful for you to activate TCM Channel on your smart device through However, if you find it difficult to follow the steps, don’t hesitate to leave your query in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which devices are supported by the TCM app?

– Amazon Fire TV Stick and Smart TV.
– Apple TV
– Roku Streaming Players and Smart TV.
– Android TV
– Android phones and tablets.
– iOS phones and tablets (iPads).

Is it necessary to have a Cable TV or Satellite TV subscription to access Watch TCM?

Yes, you must have a Pay-TV subscription to access the Watch TCM app.

How can I access/sign in to the Watch TCM app to watch movies?

– Keep your Cable or Satellite TV account credentials ready. If you don’t remember your account credentials, contact your service provider.
– Select your service provider from the list on the page.
– Enter the login credentials to link your TV provider.
– Make sure your TV service provider has partnered with TCM.

Which movies are available on the Watch TCM app?

Most of the movies that air on TCM are available on Watch TCM everywhere app. However, some titles may be unavailable due to licensing restrictions.

How long do movies remain available on the Watch TCM app?

Generally, movies are available for seven days in the Watch TCM app once they air on Turner Classic Movies. Movies appear in the Watch TCM app within 3 hours once they air on the network.

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