How to Activate the Royal Bank of Canada Credit Card at

Thousands of Canadians visit the United States every year for shopping, vacation, and work. These Canadian residents desperately look for a perfect cross-border banking system to secure their savings while enjoying time in the U.S.

The Royal Bank of Canada, abbreviated as RBC, is the only U.S.-based bank designed for Canadians. RBC makes cross-border banking simple and secure by providing services that meet their needs.

RBC credit cards are in great demand due to RBC rewards, built-in travel insurance, no foreign transaction fees, and convenience for purchases in-store and online.

Have you already received a Royal Bank of Canada Credit Card? Congratulations! Well, you can’t use the card until it is activated. RBC has an easy online card activation process carried out at But, before accessing this activation page, ensure that you have the card details with you.

Pre-activation checklist

These details should be available to you if you want to activate your Royal Bank of Canada Credit Card online –

  • Your 16-digit card number.
  • Name on the card.
  • Expiration details.
  • A stable internet connection.
  • A computer or mobile phone to access the activate URL.

Activate RBC Royal Bank Online Credit Card at

Whether you replaced an old card or got a new one, it needs to be activated before you start using it. There are multiple ways to activate your RBC credit card.

In this section, you will learn the online credit card activation method. Let’s begin –

  • Launch a web browser on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.
  • Visit in the web browser.
  • Please enter your 16-digit card number.
  • Now, click the Start Activation button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions carefully and enter other required details to activate your card.
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Once your RBC card is activated, you will receive a confirmation about the same. You are now ready to use the card for shopping and paying bills.

If the above steps fail to fascinate you, check out the below procedures to activate your Royal Bank of Canada Credit Card. You can either visit an RBC branch or call the bank from your registered mobile number.

How to Activate RBC Credit Card by Phone

Here’s a quick guide to activating your RBC Credit Card by phone.

  • Dial 1-800-769-2511 from your registered mobile number.
  • Stick to the on-call prompts.
  • Provide the card details when prompted to complete the activation process.

Visit an RBC Branch to Activate Your Credit Card

Visit a Royal Bank of Canada branch with your credit card package. Speak to an RBC employee who can further assist you with activating your card. That’s it! Once activated, the authorized person will guide you on safely using the card.

To locate the nearest RBC branch – click here.

RBC Credit Card Features

Whether traveling to the U.S., moving to the country, or studying in the United States, an RBC credit card can surely come in handy for various cross-border financial needs. Here are some top-notch features of an RBC U.S. Credit Card.

  • No foreign transaction fees on U.S. purchases
  • Built-in travel insurance
  • Security and protection from fraud
  • RBC rewards with flexible redemption
  • Convenience for purchases in-store and online
  • Purchase protection insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for an RBC credit card?

RBC offers a bunch of credit credits for all your needs. Here’s how you can apply for a credit card that takes care of your financial requirements.

– Go to the RBC credit card page.
– Choose a category that suits you the most (travel, student, cash back, rewards, business, low interest, etc.).
– Select a credit card and click the Apply Now button.
– Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the online application.

By applying for an RBC credit card, you get 35,000 welcome points on approval. Also, you will get another 20,000 bonus points when you spend $5,000 in the first six months.

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How to contact RBC Customer Service?

Dial the toll-free number (1-800-769-2553) to contact RBC customer service. You can also send a secure message by signing into your RBC online banking.

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