How to Activate Your Spot Device on /activate?

SPOT is known for using 100% satellite technology, offering customers complete peace of mind. The various products offered by SPOT let you stay connected to the things and people that matter the most to you. Not only does SPOR allows you to send and receive messages, track assets, mark waypoints, and send your GPS Position and Status, but it also tracks your progress on SPOT Mapping and notify search and rescue officials in case of any emergency. If you have recently received your SPOT device, before you can use it, you will first need to activate it with a SPOT Service Plan on To know how to activate your SPOT device, you will need to follow the instructions provided below.

Guide to Activate Your SPOT Device on

Following the below-mentioned steps to activate your SPOT device on will let you get your device ready in no time. Here are the steps that you will need to follow.

  1. To begin with, you will first need to open a web browser on your phone, tablet, or computer and navigate to the activation page of SPOT using the URL –
  2. Once you are on the SPOT device activation page, you will need to click on the Begin Activation. This will direct you to the next screen, where you will be provided the form.

NOTE: If you already have an account registered with SPOT, you will need to enter the Username and Password in the provided field under the Existing Customer section and click on the Login button. Suppose you ever forget the username or password of your account. In that case, you can click on the “I forgot my username” or “I forgot my password” option on the activation page and follow the on-screen prompts to recover your username or password.

On the next screen, you will need to provide the following information for different sections: Language Preference, Create Username and Password, and Device Details.

Language Preference

Language: Select your desired language from the drop-down menu.

Create Username and Password

  • Username: Enter your desired username
  • Password: Enter a Strong password
  • Confirm Password: Enter the same password here
  • Secret Question: Choose a desired question from the drop-down menu.
  • Secret Answer: Provide the answer for the secret question and remember it (with exact casing).
  • Choose your SPOT device: Enter or select your desired device from the drop-down list.

Device Details

  • Country: Select your desired country from the drop-down list.
  • ESN: Enter the Serial Number that you see on the bottom of your retail box or inside the SPOT device in the battery section.
  • Auth Code: Enter the 8-digit Auth Code that you find on the bottom of your retail box or inside the SPOT device in the battery section.
  • Device Name: You can choose any name of your choice. This will make sure that you can tell your devices apart when you have multiple devices.
  1. Once you are done entering the required information in the provided field, you will need to click on the Next Doing so will be direct you to the next screen.
  2. Once you are on the next screen, you must follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation process.

So, these are the steps that you will need to follow to activate your SPOT device on

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