How to Watch Thursday Night Football (TNF 2022 Schedule)

Often abbreviated as TNF, Thursday Night Football witnesses the NFL games broadcast on Thursday nights. The Thursday Night games began in 2006 and have seen tremendous success over the years.

Starting this season, i.e., NFL 2022, Amazon Prime Video has bagged the rights to broadcast Thursday Night Football. It will remain the exclusive home of TNF through 2033. Amazon Prime, each season, will stream 15 regular games and one preseason matchup.

Have you already made your plans for Thursday Night Football? Have you reserved the nights with your mates? Well, before you call your friends over, make sure you know how to watch Thursday Night Football.

In this guide, you will learn the complete Thursday Night Football 2022 schedule and different ways to watch Thursday Night Football on TV and mobile phones.

Guide to Watch NFL Thursday Night Football on Prime Video

Whether you want to catch the latest coverage or enjoy real-time stats, Amazon Prime Video will bring you bit-by-bit coverage and live streaming on Thursdays. 

Originally set to embark on the NFL games broadcasting journey in 2023, the National Football League and Amazon agreed to begin streaming live matches this fall. So, TNF may look a little different, but there wouldn’t be a dull moment for sure.

How to Subscribe to Amazon Prime Video for Free

If you don’t have a Prime Video subscription, you can access the 30-day free trial page on a web browser. New members can enjoy Prime for 30 days without paying anything. Once you become a Prime member, be assured of free delivery, award-winning TV, exclusive deals, and more. 

Prime Video Thursday Night Football

Here’s how you can subscribe to Prime –

  • Access the above link and click the Start your 30-days trial button.
  • Enter the sign-in details and click the Sign-In button to access the payment page. (Click the Create your Amazon account button if you don’t have Amazon credentials.)
  • Enter your card details and follow the on-screen prompts to enjoy Amazon Prime.

At any moment, if you wish to cancel Prime, you will be able to do that without a hassle.

To know how to activate Prime Video on Roku, Fire TV, or Apple TV – click here

Prime Video Thursday Night Football 2022 Schedule

Here’s a list of Thursday Night Football games that will stream live on Prime Video. Take a look!

GameWeekDateTime (ET)
Chiefs vs. ChargersWeek 215th September 20228:15 p.m.
Steelers vs. BrownsWeek 322nd September 20228:15 p.m.
Bengals vs. DolphinsWeek 429th September 20228:15 p.m.
Colts vs. BroncosWeek 56th October 20228:15 p.m.
Commanders vs. BearsWeek 613th October 20228:15 p.m.
Saints vs. CardinalsWeek 720th October 20228:15 p.m.
Ravens vs. BuccaneersWeek 827th October 20228:15 p.m.
Eagles vs. TexansWeek 93rd November 20228:15 p.m.
Falcons vs. PanthersWeek 1010th November 20228:15 p.m.
Packers vs. TitansWeek 1117th November 20228:15 p.m.
Bills vs. PatriotsWeek 131st December 20228:15 p.m.
Raiders vs. RamsWeek 148th December 20228:15 p.m.
49ers vs. SeahawksWeek 1515th December 20228:15 p.m.
Jaguars vs. JetsWeek 1622nd December 20228:15 p.m.
Cowboys vs. TitansWeek 1729th December 20228:15 p.m.

While Tennessee Titans will have multiple TNF matches this season, teams like New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings, and Detroit Lions don’t have a single game for Thursday Night.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time will TNF broadcast on Prime?

The Thursday Night Football games will kick off at 8:15 p.m. ET.

What channel is Thursday Night Football?

If you have already subscribed to Amazon Prime, you can enjoy all the TNF games from the best comfort of your living room. Also, many local stations will broadcast the matches.

Is Prime Video worth it?

The subscription amount isn’t quite expensive. Available at an attractive rate, Amazon Prime will offer plenty of other things apart from the TNF matches. You can enjoy free delivery, award-winning TV, exclusive deals, and more.


TNF matches will exclusively be available on Prime Video. You can avail of the service at just $14.99 per month. If you don’t want to pay that amount, you can enjoy a 30-day free trial. Ensure you cancel Prime before your card gets charged.

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