How to Delete Channels on Roku?

The best part of residing in the United States is that you not only enjoy the ultra-modern lifestyle with all the facilities and state-of-the-art infrastructure but also access endless entertainment through various streaming platforms. And if it is about the most popular streaming company, Roku certainly demands a mention. The popularity of Roku sees no bounds as more and more people prefer watching content over the Internet. If you are already accessing exclusive originals, full episodes, movies, sports events, and other popular videos via Roku, this is a must-read post for you. In this blog, you will learn how to delete channels on Roku.

Indeed, Roku is the market leader. Almost all streaming service and satellite or cable service providers find Roku as the most compatible media player to stream their content. With Roku, you can watch whatever you want – be it the most enthralling soccer match or the cooking show or value-based faith and family Christian movies – with your family. Just the way you add a channel to your Roku device to access the Internet content, you must remove a channel if you don’t want to continue. And this blog is about deleting channels on Roku.

How to Remove Channels from Roku?

Channels on your Roku player can be removed right from the digital media platform from within the Channel Store or from within the channel lineup. You, however, need to make sure or determine whether the particular channel has a subscription before you go ahead and delete the channel on Roku. Here’s how you can check if it has a subscription and is billed to your Roku account.

  • On your computer or smartphone, you need to launch your regular browser.
  • Navigate to and sign in to your Roku account (if prompted).
  • You will come across “Manage Your Subscriptions”.
  • Choose the option and check whether the channel you want to delete is listed on the “subscription must first be canceled” page.

It is mandatory to cancel the subscription before deleting the channel. Make sure the subscription is canceled before the end of the billing cycle. If the subscription is not canceled, you can continue to enjoy it until the current billing cycle ends. Note that you cannot delete or remove the channels at

How Can You Manage or Cancel a Channel Subscription?

Before you could delete channels on Roku, canceling your channel subscription is a must. And to access manage or cancel a channel subscription section, go to your Roku account to check the payment methods associated with it. Roku allows its users to purchase and cancel channel subscriptions in one place – through your Roku account payment method. This action can be done by accessing the Roku account online or directly from your Roku device.

Manage Subscriptions from the Web – Roku Account: Here’s how you can unsubscribe to the channel

  • On your computer or laptop, access the official My Roku account at
  • It will prompt you to enter the Roku account credentials – email address and password – to sign in to your Roku account.
  • Access “Manage your subscriptions”.
  • Navigate to the page that says “My subscriptions”. Here, you will see a list of channels that you have subscribed to or active subscriptions that get billed by Roku. Not just that, you will also have information like – status, valid through (date), term, etc – on that page.
  • You can either click on the “Unsubscribe” or “Renew” button (whatever is showing) and manage your subscriptions.

Manage Subscriptions from Your Roku Streaming Device: You can also manage or cancel your Roku subscriptions directly from your streaming device. Refer to the following steps –

  • Switch on your Roku device and press the Home button using the remote (look for the Home icon on your Roku).
  • From here, you can access the Channel Lineup.
  • Select the “Home” option and use the arrow buttons to highlight a subscription channel.
  • On your remote, you will see the “Star” button.
  • Tap it.
  • You can also access the subscription channel from the Channel Store (if you don’t like to choose Channel Lineup.)
  • Scroll down and tap “Streaming Channels”.
  • Next, you will need to browser a genre or category to search the channel.
  • Upon finding it, hit the “OK” button using the remote.
  • Next, select “Manage subscription”.
  • It will display the renewal date and you can also access other important options.
  • Click on the “Cancel subscription” option and you have just unsubscribed from the channel.

Now that you have canceled the subscriptions of the channels that you want to remove, you can now go ahead with the further to delete the channels.

Two (2) Easy Methods to Delete Channels on Roku

What are the two ways to delete or remove channels from your Roku device? Check the following proven methods –

  • Delete Channels from Channel Lineup:
  1. Tap the Home button (see the home icon) on your Roku remote.
  2. Use the remote to move to the right. Here, you need to highlight the channel or select the channel to delete it.
  3. Tap the “Star” button to access the options menu.
  4. Tap the option that says “Remove channel”.
  5. You can confirm the same when prompted and get rid of the channel.

Remove Channels from Roku Channel Store: Another recommended method that you can count on is to access the Roku Channel Store and delete the channel.

  1. Tap the Home button (see the home icon) on your Roku remote.
  2. Navigate to “Streaming Channels” and tap to open the Channel Store.
  3. Look for the channel that you want to delete.
  4. Upon finding it, select the “OK” button using your Roku remote.
  5. Tap the option that says “Remove channel”.
  6. You can confirm the same when prompted and get rid of the channel.

That’s how you delete the channels from your Roku device.

How to Delete Channels on Roku Using Roku Mobile App?

This is another method that you might look up to if the above two methods don’t work. Here’s a rundown of steps to delete the channels using the Roku mobile app.

  • Download Roku on Your Smartphone: If you haven’t downloaded the official Roku app, you can do that from Play Store or App Store. Now get the app on your device and launch it.
  • Launch the App: Now that you have downloaded the app, launch it now. Tap it to open the app. Tap “Channels” (this option is at the bottom of the screen).
  • Access “My Channels”: Next, you need to find the tab that says “My Channels”. This should be located at the top. It lists all your current channels.
  • Long Tap or Hold: The channel that you want to remove needs to be selected or held for a few moments. (Make sure you are not tapping normally. It would only open the app.)
  • Tap Remove: The channel is ready to be removed. You can remove the same.

These are some of the best ways or methods to delete or get rid of the channels that you don’t want anymore. If you change your mind and want to add those channels, use your Roku account to purchase them. The payment method linked to the Roku account will come in handy.

At any point, if you face difficulties, get in touch with technicians. The official team is available round the clock to render immediate assistance to resolve your issues.

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