How to Activate Your GO2bank Debit Card Online at [Updated]

GO2bank is a flagship service – digital bank – of Green Dot, financial technology and registered bank holding company. Having a GO2bank account enables people to spend, save, and control their money seamlessly. Moreover, as Go2Bank is insured by FDIC, it means your money is safe up to the maximum permitted limit. 

To open the ultimate mobile bank account, ensure you possess a working phone number, SSN, driving license, or other identifying documents. After opening the account, you will receive a GO2bank debit card within 7-10 business days.

The card sent to you is not active. To use the card, you must activate it at

This guide will explain how you can activate your GO2bank card whether you receive it in the mail or in the store.

Guide to Activate GO2bank Card at go2bank/start

There are a few things that you must possess before accessing the go2bank com start activation link.

  • You will need a mobile phone or computer connected to a stable internet connection.
  • Go2bank card details and the last 4-digits of your SSN.
  • Online account credentials with GO2bank.

Once these details are ready, there’s no stopping you. Check the following steps and activate your GO2bank card.


How to Activate GO2bank Card Online?

The card you received has no value until you activate it. So, check the envelope for the simple instructions to activate it. You don’t have to go anywhere to activate the card.

  • Visit on a computer or mobile device to register your Go2bank card.
  • You can also download the GO2bank mobile app and tap Activate your card.
  • Enter the following details –
    • 16-digit card number.
    • Card expiration date in the MM/YY format.
    • 3-digit security code on the back of your card.
  • Check a captcha box to prove that they are human.
  • Click the Continue option.

Your GO2bank card will be activated instantly, and you can use your Mastercard to make purchases online or at retail stores.

Steps to Recover your Email Address or Password

If you don’t remember your email address or password for your Go2Bank account, follow the below instructions –

  • Open and web browser and visit
  • Click the Trouble logging in option, and choose any of the following options –
    • Forgot your email address
    • Reset your password
  • If you forgot your email address, select the Forgot your email address option and enter your 16-digit card number, CVV, Expiration date (MM/YY), and Last 4-digits of SSN in the prompted fields. Then, press the Continue button and follow the on-screen prompts to recover your email address.
  • On the other hand, if you want to reset your password, select the Reset your password option and enter your email address.
  • Click Continue and need to follow the on-screen prompts to reset your GO2bank password.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I activate my GO2bank debit card using the mobile app?

Yes, you surely can do that if you have a smartphone. You can download the GO2bank Mobile App to activate your new card.

– Download & install the GO2bank app on your device from the App Store or Play Store.
– Launch the app and tap the Activate your card option
– Tap Continue.

How to sign up for a GO2bank account?

There are two ways to open a GO2bank account. You can install the Go2bank app on your mobile phone or go to on your computer.

How long will it take to receive my GO2bank debit card?

After opening an account with GO2bank, you will receive a card within ten days. You will have to activate the card at to use it.

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