Activate Gap Card at and get rewarded for wearing what you Love

You have heard of GAP, haven’t you? Well, some of you even flaunt GAP clothes. One of the most popular clothing stores, GAP is certainly one of the largest in the USA, with over 2,500 locations in the country. Whether you want to buy the best dress for you or your husband or kids, GAP can be your first choice. Someone who prefers GAP over other brands should simply sign up for a Gap Card. The card needs to be activated at before it could be used at the Gap stores to earn perks and discounts. Having a valid Gap Card will fetch you more savings at the GAP stores across the country.

Moreover, shoppers who frequently stop at Gap or any of its sister stores will hugely be benefitted just by using their Gap cards. If you, too, are a frequent visitor to Gap and have recently received your Gap Card, make sure it is activated before you could use your card. Below, you will learn how to activate your newly received Gap Card.

Tips to Activate GAP Card at

You will require a few things to activate your Gap Card successfully.

  • A smart device – computer, mobile phone, or tablet.
  • A high-speed Internet connection.
  • The Gap card number.
  • 3-digit security code (should be on the back of the card).
  • Last 4 digits of the SSN

Once you have these prerequisites ready, you can go ahead with the following activation steps to activate your card.

  • Open your computer or laptop and launch your regular browser.
  • Visit the authorized activation page –
  • It will prompt you to render a few details. You should be ready with the above prerequisites.
  • In the “Card Number” field, enter your newly received Gap card number.
  • Enter “Security Code” in the next field. If you don’t know where to locate the security code, please check the back of the card. It is a 3-digit number.
  • Next, enter the Social Security Number. Make sure you enter the last 4 digits.
  • Now, you need to click the “Activate My Card” button.

Within moments, your card will be activated. You can then start using it at your favorite GAP stores and earn discounts.

Using your GAP card at the GAP stores will immediately fetch you discounts. The first purchase made with your card will get you 15% off. Moreover, you can earn 10% off on every single purchase on Tuesday. Every $1 spent at a GAP store will earn you 5 points.

How to Make Payment on Your Gap Card?

Your card is activated and you have started making the most out of it. Now, you need to make the payment on the credit card. For that, you will have to register yourself online. Here’s how you can do that –

  • Go to the service login page of the cardmember account.
  • Click the “Register” button.
  • It will ask you to enter the ZIP code and account number.
  • You will have to provide the details and stick to the on-screen instructions.
  • Once the registration process is over, go to the login page.
  • You will need to log into your Gap Card account.
  • Click the “Pay your bill” button.
  • If prompted, enter the bank routing number, bank name, and account number.
  • Enter the balance amount that you want to pay.
  • Submit the payment.

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