Ways to Activate Nat Geo TV on Roku, Firestick, Apple TV, Android TV

National Geographic Channel (Nat Geo TV) is an American pay television network associated with the National Geographic Society and the Walt Disney Company.

The Nat Geo channel broadcasts documentaries, docuseries, educational programs, and entertainment content about science, history, nature, and culture. Nat Geo TV is available in over 170 countries and territories.

Here are some of the most popular Nat Geo TV shows:

  • Life Below Zero: follows the lives of subsistence hunters in Alaska.
  • Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet: follows the work of veterinarian Dr. Oakley as she treats animals in the Yukon Territory of Canada.
  • Explorer: follows explorers on their adventures around the world.
  • Vets and Pets: follows veterinarians as they treat animals in a variety of settings.
  • Chandrayaan-3 Space Quest: follows the development of India’s Chandrayaan-3 lunar mission.

Want to stream Nat Geo TV and Nat Geo Wild shows on the big screen?

This article will explain how to add & activate the Nat Geo TV app on your TV-connected devices such as Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV at natgeotv.com/activate using your TV provider subscription.

Guide to Activate Nat Geo TV on Roku, Apple TV, FireStick, Android TV, and Xbox

To complete the activation process without error, you must have these things beforehand.

  • Supported streaming platform (Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Fire Stick, or Xbox).
  • A participating TV provider account.
  • High-speed internet connection.
  • A Laptop, mobile, or tablet to open natgeotv.com/activate.

Nate Geo TV is compatible with almost all smart devices, such as Apple TV, Roku, FireStick, Samsung Smart TV, Android TV, or Xbox. Here are the step-by-step instructions to activate National Geographic TV on your device.

NatGeoTV.com Activate on Apple TV

You can follow the instructions below to activate Nat Geo TV on your Apple TV.

  • First, go to the App Store on your Apple TV.
  • Search for the Nat Geo TV app.
  • After finding the Nat Geo TV app, select Get to download and install it on your Apple TV.
  • Once installed, open the Nat Geo TV app.
  • Inside the app, click on the Gear icon to open the Settings section.
  • Select Activate Device from the menu list on your screen.
  • Note down the activation code from the TV screen.
  • Now, open a web browser on your computer or smartphone and visit natgeotv.com/activate.
  • Enter your activation code in the provided field and click Continue.
  • Select your TV provider and sign in.

You can now watch Nat Geo TV on your Apple TV.

Activate Nat Geoon Roku at natgeotv.com/activate

Roku users can easily watch the National Geographic channel by following the below steps –

  • Turn on your Roku media player to activate Nat Geo TV.
  • Go to the Roku Channel Store.
  • In the Channel Store, search for Nat Geo Roku Channel.
  • Click on Add channel to install the app.
  • After adding the app to your Roku device, launch it.
  • Inside the app, go to Settings, and you will see an activation code along with instructions.
  • Visit National Geographic Activation URL – nationalgeographic.com/tv/activate on another device.
  • Enter the registration code and click on the Continue button.
  • Sign in with your service provider account credentials.

Nat Geo TV is now active on your Roku streaming device.

Steps to Activate Nat Geo TV on Android TV

If you are using an Android TV, you can activate Nat Geo Channel by following the instructions below.

  • To activate Nat Geo TV on Android TV, go to Play Store on your TV.
  • In the Play Store, search for the Nat Geo TV application.
  • Press Install to download and install the app.
  • After installation, launch the app on your Android TV.
  • Click Activate Device in the Settings section to generate an activation code.
  • Once you have the code, visit natgeotv.com/activate on a web browser.
  • Enter the activation code from your TV and click Continue.
  •  Then, select your service provider and sign in with its credentials.

You can now stream Nat Geo on your Android TV.

natgeotv.com/activate FireStick

Follow the instructions provided below to activate Nat Geo TV Everywhere app on your Amazon Fire Stick.

  • Turn on the Amazon Fire Stick and connect it to your TV.
  • Go to the Find section. (Make sure to sign in to your Amazon account)
  • Find the Nat Geo TV app using the search option in the App Store.
  • Press Get to install the app on your Amazon Fire TV.
  • Launch the app after successful installation.
  • Go to Settings to receive an activation code on your TV screen.
  • Open Nat Geo activation URL – natgeotv.com/activate.
  • Enter the activation code shown on your TV and tap Continue.
  • Select your TV provider and sign in using the provider login details.

Your TV screen will auto-refresh, and you can watch your favorite Nat Geo shows on your FireStick device.

How to Activate Nat Geo TV on Xbox

If you want to access Nate Geo TV on Xbox, follow the steps below –

  • To activate Nat Geo TV on your Xbox, connect your Xbox to your TV and go to the Microsoft Store on your Xbox console.
  • In the Microsoft Store, search for Nat Geo TV.
  • After finding the app, install it on your device.
  • Lunch the installed Nat Geo app.
  • In the app, go to Settings and select Activate Device
  • You will receive an activation code on your TV screen.
  • Open natgeotv.com/activate on another device.
  • Type the code in the given field and click Continue.
  • When prompted, enter your cable TV provider sign-in credentials.

That’s it. Nat Geo TV is now active on your Xbox (One or 360) gaming console.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nat Geo have a dedicated app?

One of the reasons for Nat Geo’s broad reach is its dedicated TV Everywhere app. The Nat Geo TV app is available on all major streaming devices and gaming consoles. If you want to watch Nat Geo content on your device, you have to install and activate it via natgeotv.com/activate.

Can I watch Nat Geo on Netflix?

You can’t have a standalone Nat Geo channel on Netflix. However, if you have a Netflix account, search for Nat Geo show titles. Many documentaries, shows, full episodes, and more are available on Netflix.

How to watch Nat Geo TV content for free?

You can watch the Nat Geo shows on your streaming devices for free. Well, there’s a catch. You must check with your TV provider and confirm it does offer Nat Geo content.

Can I watch Nat Geo outside the U.S. and Canada?

You must subscribe to the service to access Nat Geo outside the United States and Canada.

How do I log into Nat Geo TV?

On your computer, access account.nationalgeographic.org and use your login credentials to sign in.

How to activate Nat Geo on Roku?

– Install the Nat Geo app from the Roku Channel Store.
– Select your TV provider to receive a code.
– Go to the natgeotv.com/activate and enter the code.
– Sign in with your TV provider to start streaming Nat Geo on Roku.

Final Words

So, this is how you can activate and watch the Nat Geo TV channel on your desired smart device. However, if you do not have any of the devices mentioned above, you can still watch Nat Geo live stream HD on your PC and mobile phone. For this, you will need to visit www.nationalgeographic.com/tv/shows/.

Stick to the steps mentioned above to avoid running into an activation error. Then, contact your TV provider for a quick solution if you face a problem.

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