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Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service with a vast online streaming library of TV programs and films (including in-house produced content). With over 150 million paid subscribers & over 60 million subscribers in the United States, Netflix is available worldwide except in mainland China, Crimea, Syria, and North Korea.

If you belong to a place other than the restricted ones and wish to access Netflix on your smart device like Roku, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, PlayStation, etc., you need to install the Netflix app and activate it at

You must have a Netflix subscription to watch its content on your favorite streaming device. If you haven’t subscribed to the service yet, follow the sign-up instructions below.

How to Sign Up for a Netflix Account?

  • Navigate to
  • Enter your email address in the provided field and tap the Get Started button.
  • On the next screen, click the Next button.
  • Create a password to start your membership and tap the Next button.
  • Choose your preferred plan from the given options and tap Next.
  • Select your desired payment method – Credit or Debit Card, PayPal, or Gift Code.
  • Enter the payment details and tap Start Membership.
  • After making the payment, follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Your Netflix account is now active.

Guide to Activate Netflix at activate

Be it a streaming device, smart TV, gaming console, or mobile device, the Netflix app is available on almost all kinds of smart devices. Below you can find the activation process for most of these platforms. 

Activate Netflix App on Roku Media Player

  • Navigate to the Movies & TV section on your Roku device and look for the Netflix app.
  • Select the Netflix app and tap Add Channel.
  • Wait until the app gets downloaded and installed on your device.
  • Tap the Go to channel button after installation to launch the app. 
  • You will get a code on your screen along with an activation link –
  • Now, launch a browser on another device and open the activation link.
  • Sign in to your Netflix account.
  • Enter the activation code in the prompted field and tap Activate.
  • Your Roku device is now linked with your Netflix account. 

Activate Netflix on Amazon Fire TV at

  • Select the Find option from the Fire TV main screen.
  • In the search field, type Netflix.
  • Select the Netflix app from the search result and click Get.
  • After installation, tap Open to launch the app.
  • A one-time authentication code and activation URL will display on your screen.
  • Now, open the activation URL using a browser on your computer or mobile device.
  • Sign in to your Netflix account and enter the code.
  • Then, tap the Activate button.
  • You will then have access to Netflix on your Fire TV.

Activate Netflix on Samsung TV or Blu-Ray Player

Follow the below steps to activate Netflix on your Samsung TV, Blu-ray player, projector, or home theatre system.

  • Go to the Home screen on your TV or press the Netflix button on your Samsung remote.
  • Select the Netflix app and click the Sign In option.
  • If you don’t see the Sign In option, select Yes when prompted – Are you a member of Netflix?.
  • Now, you will see an activation code on your screen.
  • Go to using a web browser on a second device.
  • Sign in using your email address and password.
  • Enter the code in the provided field and click Activate
  • After successfully verifying the code, the Netflix app will be activated on your Samsung TV or Blu-Ray player.

Activate Netflix App on Android TV using Activation Code

  • From the home menu, select the Netflix app.
  • Alternatively, you can press the Netflix button on the TV remote.
  • Tap the Sign In option.
  • You will get a code on your TV screen.
  • Now, open a web browser on another device and visit
  • Sign in to your Netflix account (if prompted) and submit the activation code.
  • Netflix is now active on your Android TV.

Guide to Install & Watch Netflix App on Gaming Consoles

On Microsoft Xbox 360 | Xbox One | Xbox One S |Xbox One X

  • Go to your Xbox Gaming Console dashboard and open the Apps/Store section. 
  • Search for the Netflix app in the Microsoft Store.
  • Select the app from the search results and click Get to install the app.
  • After installation, click Launch to open the Netflix app on Xbox.
  • Select Sign In to link your account.
  • If you do not see the Sign In option, select Yes for the prompt that reads “Are you a member of Netflix”.
  • Then, enter your email address and password to sign in.
  • Your Xbox 360 is now connected to your Netflix account.


  • The application store could be named Apps or Store, depending on the Xbox version.
  • Ensure that you are logged in to your Microsoft Xbox Live account before following the above instructions.
  • Netflix is only available on Xbox in regions where both Netflix and Xbox Live services are available.

On Sony PlayStation 3 | PS 4 | PS 4 Pro | PS 5 | PlayStation Vita

  • From the main menu of your PlayStation, go to the PlayStation application store.
  • Select the Apps option and open the Movies/TV section.
  • Next, find the Netflix app and select it.
  • Then, tap the Download option to install the app.
  • After installation, launch the app and select the Sign-in option.
  • Log into your Netflix account using your email address and password.
  • You will then access the Netflix app on your PlayStation device.

NOTES: The name of the application store may be different depending on your PlayStation version.

  • For PS3, PS4, PS4 Pro: PlayStation Store
  • For PS5: Media 
  • For PS Vita: PS Store

How to Watch Netflix On-The-Go (iOS or Android)

One of the most convenient ways to access the Netflix app is using a mobile device. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

Netflix on Android Phone and Tablets

  • Launch the Play Store app.
  • Search for the Netflix app.
  • From the search result, select the Netflix app and tap Install
  • Post-installation, launch the Netflix app.
  • Enter your Netflix email address and password to complete the process.

Netflix on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

  • On your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch), open the App Store.
  • Find the Netflix app using the search option.
  • Select the Netflix app from the search result.
  • Tap the Get button to download and install the app.
  • When the installation completes, tap Open.
  • Sign in using your Netflix account username and password.
  • After successful sign-in, you can enjoy Netflix on your iOS devices.

What are different plans (with price) offered by Netflix?

Monthly Cost$9.99$15.99$19.99
Video QualityGoodBetterBest
Supported PlatformsTV, Computer, Mobile Phone, and TabletTV, Computer, Mobile Phone, and TabletTV, Computer, Mobile Phone, and Tablet
Number of Devices124

What are the different platforms supported by Netflix?

Streaming Media PlayersApple TV, Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, Portal from Facebook, Chromecast, nVIDIA SHIELD
Smart TVsFire TV, Hisense, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Roku TV, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, Vizio
Gaming ConsolesMicrosoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation
Set-Top BoxesAtlantic Broadband, Blue Ridge, Cable ONE, Xfinity, Cox, Dish, GCI, Grande Communications, Midcontinent Communications, RCN, Suddenlink TV, TiVo, Vodafone, Wave, Wow!
Blu-Ray PlayersFUNAI, LG, Magnavox, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Toshiba, Sony
Smartphones & TabletsAndroid, Apple iOS, Windows Phone
PCs and LaptopsSafari, Chome, Firefox, Edge, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended internet speed for the best viewing experience on Netflix?

Standard Definition (SD): 1 Mbps (A faster connection will enhance video quality).
High Definition (HD): 720 – 3 Mbps | 1080 – 5 Mbps
4K/Ultra HD (UHD): 15 Mbps
Also, to watch Netflix in HD, make sure you have:
– Standard or Premium Netflix plan.
– At least 5 Mbps connection speed.
– Set video quality to Auto or High

When I’m trying to activate Netflix, I see a “Sorry, we can’t find an account with this email address/phone number” error. What to do?

If you are getting this error when trying to activate Netflix on your device:
– Go to
– Select the “I can’t remember my email address or phone number” option.
– Enter your First name, Last Name, and credit or debit card number on file.
– Then, tap the Find Account button to retrieve your Netflix account credentials.
– Once you recover your account, you can use it to activate the Netflix app at for your desired devices.

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