How to Activate Your Xfinity Internet Modem at

With Xfinity Internet, you get access to the industry’s fastest WiFi speeds and the best coverage. In addition, the service provider boasts of its gigabit-speed packages and the largest network of WiFi hotspots in the United States.

If you are already familiar with the amazing offerings of Xfinity Internet and have recently bought the service, you can get online in minutes by activating your Xfinity Internet modem at

The following post will guide you through the two different ways to set up your Xfinity Internet –

  1. Activate Xfinity Internet at
  2. Activate Xfinity Internet using Xfinity App

Guide to Activate Xfinity Internet at

Although the activation process to set up Xfinity Internet requires a couple of minutes only, there are certain things that you may consider to avoid issues during the process. So, make sure to go through the below-mentioned information accordingly.

Get your Gateway/Modem Ready for Activation

Be patient as your Gateway/Modem may take 5-10 minutes to become activation ready. Make sure to check the lights on the device as suggested below and then proceed to the next step.

  • For Xfinity Gateway With Multiple Lights on the Front: The Online, Power, and US/DS lights must be solid for at least one minute, and the lights for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz must start blinking.
  • For Xfinity Gateway With a Single Light on the Top: The light must be solid white for at least a minute.
  • For Third-Party Model: Refer to the manufacturer instructions.

 Establishing a Temporary Internet Connection

You need to set up internet connectivity through an Ethernet cable or WiFi.

To Connect Via Ethernet Cable

  • On your Gateway/Modem, insert the Ethernet cable into one of the open ports until it clicks.
  • Next, push the other end into your computer’s Ethernet port. 
  • Once you see the Ethernet port lighting up, it has been successfully connected.

To Connect Via WiFi 

  • Locate the SSID (Network Name), and Password mentioned on one of your Gateway/Modem sides. It is usually printed as Home-XXXX or XFSETUP-XXXX.
  • Next, access the WiFi settings on your WiFi-enabled device.
  • Select your Network Name from the given list of available networks. 
  • Enter the password when requested. 
  • If you are prompted to provide a PIN and not a password, select the Connect Using a Security Key link and enter the password in the Security Key field.

Activating Gateway or Modem at activate

Now that you are done configuring a temporary internet connection but you are not directed to the welcome message to initiate activation, follow these steps:

  • Open a web browser on your phone, pc, or tablet.
  • Next, visit to access the Xfinity Internet activation page. You will see the following page on your screen.
  • If you have an Xfinity mobile app, you can use it to activate your Xfinity Internet.
  • However, if you don’t have the Xfinity app, live in a WiFi Ready apartment (pre-installed xFi Gateway), or wish to activate your Xfinity Voice service, you will need to click on the “here” option.
  • On the next screen, you will be provided these two options for verifying your Xfinity Account:
    • Mobile phone number
    • Xfinity ID & Password
  • Select the Xfinity ID & Password option if you wish to verify your Xfinity account by signing in.
  • On the other hand, if you wish to authenticate your Xfinity Account using your registered phone number, select the Mobile phone number option and click Next.
  • On the subsequent screen, enter your phone number and tap Next.
  • One-Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your phone number.
  • Enter that OTP in the provided field on your screen and click Next.
  • Wait until the configuration process gets completed.
  • When completed, you will be able to connect your internet-enabled devices with newly activated Xfinity Internet.

Once you are done completing the activation, your Gateway/Modem may restart, and it may take 5 to 10 minutes before you can connect to your Xfinity Internet home network.

Activate Xfinity Modem Using the Mobile Application

Activate Xfinity Internet via Mobile Application

If you do not wish to activate your Xfinity Internet at, you can use the Xfinity mobile app on your Android or iOS device to carry out the process.

  • Launch the Xfinity app on your Android/iOS device.
  • If not logged in, enter your Xfinity ID and Password to sign in. You must be a primary member or a manager to access the account.
  • Next, tap OK if prompted that Xfinity Would Like to Access the Camera.
  • Now, locate the QR Code on your Gateway/Modem.
  • When found, point your phone’s camera at the QR Code.
  • The code has been verified or scanned if you see a green checkmark on your phone.
  • If you are experiencing an issue scanning the QR Code, you can manually enter the 12-Digit CM MAC number found on the side or bottom of your Gateway.
  • The Xfinity app will then guide you through a series of steps which include:
    • Placing Your Gateway
    • Connecting the Coax Cable
    • Powering Up
    • Naming Your WiFi Network
  • After that, the configuration process will begin. Wait for a few minutes to allow the completion of the activation process.
  • You will see your WiFi Name, Password, and Xfinity Voice Number (if purchased).
  • After reviewing the information, tap Confirm and Finish Up button.

After activating your Xfinity Internet successfully, you can connect your internet-compatible devices using your WiFi name and password for your home network.

However, if you have replaced your Xfinity Gateway but stored the same settings during the activation process, your previously connected devices will get reconnected automatically.

  • From the WiFi settings on your WiFi-enabled devices, select your WiFi name.
  • Enter the password when prompted to connect your devices to your home network.
  • Use the new WiFi name if you changed it during the activation process.

NOTE: Remember that Xfinity Gateways comprises a built-in Xfinity WiFi home hotspot (xfinitywifi) which may take a day to broadcast. 

Have an xFi Gateway or Bought Your Own Approved Modem/Router?

Activating an xFi Gateway or a compatible modem/router is effortless through the Xfinity app (available for App Store or Google Play). However, remember that if you have an xFi Fiber Gateway (Arris X5001), a professional’s installation can only be done and can’t be activated using the Xfinity mobile application.

Are you living in WiFi Ready Apartments with pre-installed xFi Fiber Gateways?

If you have shifted to a WiFi Ready Apartment with pre-installed xFi fiber gateways. In that case, unfortunately, you won’t be able to activate your Xfinity Internet service using the mobile application. Instead, the activation will need to be carried out using the default SSID and Password provided on the Gateway sticker. Use these credentials to connect to WiFi and then configure your Xfinity Internet on a browser.

Having An Xfinity Voice?

In case you wish to activate Xfinity Voice service without Xfinity Internet or if your mobile device is not compatible with the Xfinity app, consider these steps: 

NOTE: These instructions are applicable for both Xfinity equipment and compatible owned equipment. You can also contact your manufacturer’s installation guide for activation steps.

What do I get in the Xfinity Internet Self-Installation Kit?

Your self-installation kit of Xfinity internet comes with:

  • A Getting Started Guide.
  • An envelope containing the Comcast Customer Privacy Notice and Agreement for Residential Services.
  • An xFi Wireless Gateway.
  • A power cord.
  • A coax cable.
  • An Ethernet cable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change my Xfinity Username?

– Sign in to My Account on your phone/pc browser.
– Next, go to the Users tab located at the top of the page.
– Then, click the Edit option next to the user’s name you wish to change.
– Under the Xfinity ID & Password section, tap the Edit option on the right side of the current Username.
– After that, confirm the password and enter the new Xfinity ID in the New Username box. 
– Finally, tap the Save option. You will see a confirmation message.

How do I change my WiFi network name and password on xFi Gateway?

– Access the or launch the Xfinity mobile application.
– Next, select the Connect option.
– Then, choose your network on the Xfinity app or tap the See Network option on the xFi website.
– Select the Show Password option to see your password.
– Tap the Edit WiFi option on the xFi website or select the Pencil icon on the Xfinity app to make changes.
– When done, select the Apply Changes option.

How to help my guests connect to WiFi at home?

There are two ways to help your guests connect to your WiFi home network.

Share Access to Your Private WiFi Network: Provide your WiFi password to connect their device.
Provide Xfinity WiFi Home Hotspot: If your guest is an Xfinity Internet customer, they can connect to the Xfinity WiFi Home Hotspot if your Xfinity Gateway broadcasts it.

I don’t have the model information?

If you wish to know which model you have, refer to the bottom of your Gateway label.

The Xfinity app didn’t prompt to activate?

If your Xfinity app didn’t prompt to activate after signing in, follow these steps:

– Access the activation entry point under the Account section. You can find the option in the top-left corner of the Overview tab.
– Next, select Activate xFi Gateway or Modem option in the Devices section.

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