How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39

If your streaming setup fails to provide a secure connection, you will encounter a Disney Plus error code 39. Although the code is commonly associated with Xbox One, you may experience it with your Disney Plus app, smart TVs, or streaming devices. Let’s find out what causes the issue and learn how to fix Disney Plus error code 39 in easy steps.

“We’re sorry, but we cannot play the video you requested. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact Disney+ Support (Error Code 39).” – The above message confirms the error code 39 has occurred, which actually indicates a rights management issue. Well, the error can be resolved, and it will start working again, thus allowing you to stream your favorite videos.

6 Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39

Try the following tips one after one until the Disney Plus error code 39 is resolved.

  1. Reload the Video: Start with the easiest troubleshooting method by reloading or refreshing the video. Sometimes, refreshing the page or video eliminates the current error. Start the video again, and if you can do that without an interruption, the error code is resolved already. If it persists, go ahead with the other methods.
  2. Restart Your Xbox Streaming App: Do you access the Xbox app on Windows 10? You may be prompted to shut the streaming app for a while and restart it after 10 seconds. The Disney Plus error code 39 will eventually disappear when you restart the device. Once it is gone, you can enjoy streaming the way you used to.
  3. Go for another Streaming Device: While many Xbox users have complained about encountering the error code 39, it cannot completely be refuted that people don’t see the error while streaming directly from a streaming device or smart television. If you own another Disney Plus compatible device, give it a shot. Check whether this device plays the videos without an issue. If it does, the real problem is with your primary device.
  4. Switch to another HDMI Port: This ain’t a bad idea. You may sometimes blame the HDMI port connected to your TV. You are suggested to use a different HDMI port to connect your streaming device to your TV.
  5. Trust a Different HDMI Cable, Not a Converter Cable: Due to wear and tear, your current HDMI cable might aid the issue to surface on the screen. In that case, you should always trust a different, high-quality cable. This new undamaged HDMI cable should work absolutely fine if the error has occurred due to the bad or damaged cable. Go ahead with the new one and keep it plugged in.

Also, you should stay away from using a converter cable. If you have an HDMI to VGA cable, the chances are that the error code may occur. Sticking to a standard, durable HDMI cable will enhance your viewing experience.

  • Reinstall Disney Plus App: You tried and tested all the above tips in vain. Consider removing the app and installing it again. Delete the app, shut down your streaming device, and unplug it. Wait for some time and plug it back in. You can switch on the device and install the app. It should fix the Disney Plus error code 39.

If the error code continues to trouble you, contact Disney Plus directly. Let professionals know the issue. They should fix the problem.

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