How to Delete Watch History on Hulu

Hulu has a fine collection of TV series, movies, and shows to watch. Getting the Hulu app on your streaming platform is the best thing you can do if you are a movie buff. While you can access Hulu on multiple devices and watch thousands of movies and shows, the Hulu app has a great feature that lets you delete the Watch History if you don’t want others to know what you are streaming. Let’s learn how to delete Watch History on Hulu!

Complete Guide on How to Delete Watch History on Hulu

The Hulu app is compatible with almost all the leading streaming platforms in the United States. You just need to install the app from the application store and activate it via the link. The streaming service is activated on your device, allowing you to get access to its massive library. All you have to do is select a specific show and start watching.

Can’t continue with a show? No problem! You can always resume it where you left off. While Hulu has received much appreciation for this feature, a section of Hulu users loves another feature called Keep Watching.

The salient feature lets you watch your favorite shows on your Smart TV or computer and allows you to delete the watch history in a hassle-free way. The Keep Watching collection can easily be navigated from the home screen. Browse through the collection to know what you have watched.

Here’s how you can get rid of the Hulu watch history since you never want anyone to know what you stream.

How to Delete Watch History on Hulu using Your Smart TV or Streaming Device

Check the steps below if you use Hulu on your Smart TV or TV-connected device.

  • Turn on your device and navigate to the movie or show’s Details Page using the remote.
  • Click the Manage Movie or Manage Series option (on the screen).
  • Now, click the option that says Remove from Watch History.
  • You will be prompted with a confirmation. You can confirm your choice and delete Watch History on Hulu.

Note: If you change your mind and don’t wish to continue, click the cancel button to go back. Also, you can see the Manage option only if the title was in your watch history.

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Delete Watch History on Hulu using Your Computer Browser

Do you access Hulu on your computer? Here are the steps for your consideration if you want to use the Remove from Watch History feature.

  • On your computer, access Hulu.
  • Go to Keep Watching and select a movie thumbnail (or a show if you want to delete it).
  • Clicking the thumbnail will get you more options.
  • Press the X icon. It will remove the title you wish to delete from your Watch History.
  • Click the Done option.

Note: Click the Undo option if you don’t want to continue.

Got multiple profiles associated with your Hulu account? Here’s how you clear all Watch History for all profiles.

  • Sign in to your Hulu account on the computer.
  • Under Privacy and Settings, you will need to select California Privacy Rights.
  • Look for the Watch History option under Manage Activity.
  • Click the Clear Selected option.

Clicking All Watch History on will ensure you don’t see the Remove from Watch History feature.

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Easy Steps to Delete Watch History on Hulu using Smartphone

If you use Hulu on your phone, you can check the steps below to delete the watch history.

  • On your phone, access Hulu.
  • Enter the sign-in details and navigate to “Keep Watching” or “All Watch History.”
  • Do you see a three dots option on your show’s thumbnail? Tapping it will bring more options.
  • Select Remove from Watch History.

There you go! However, one last step is required to confirm your choice. If you wish to cancel, tap the cancel option to go back.

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